Lab in San Diego Comes Up With Coronavirus Vaccine – In 3 hours


In a race against the clock, a San Diego lab is scrambling to get a COVID-19 vaccine out and on the market. As the days go by, Inovio Pharmaceuticals is getting closer to releasing the desperately needed vaccine against the deadly virus.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, which is located in Sorrento Valley, has also created a vaccine for the Zika virus, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and the vaccine for Ebola. More

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  1. Hmmmm……..have to look up and see if they are a privately held or publicly traded company.

  2. Was there diversity among the lab techs and research scientists? If not, it doesn’t count, throw it out and start over with trannies and Somali immigrants.

  3. This is not a deadly virus ar all. The death rate is below 1% of cases reported. The data we are getting is unreliable and politically motivated. The fact a vaccine was developed in three hours shows how far we are advanced, China released it hoping some body else would discover one. We should charge China Two Billion dollars for the Vaccine and pay down the National Debt.

  4. Someone had some orange sauce Chinese packets leftover in his desk drawer,,
    add some spit and American ingenuity.

  5. Something suspicious is going on.

    There are viruses. And there are viruses. The carrying on about “hundreds” dying from a flu-like illness makes no sense, given that tens of thousands of people in the U.S. alone die every year from garden-variety flu.

    What is it. Bioweapon? Is it possible that the combo with HIV forbodes something that develops in the future? There are a number of diseases that take hold in the body in stages. At first there is what appears to be a relatively minor illness or infection that “clears up”. Only later does something horrid arise in subsequent stages.

    What is causing the extreme reaction? Merely caution? Some kind of crony nefariousness (sell vaccines!)? What are we not being told…

  6. “Currently, an Inovio Pharmaceuticals lead researcher is in Sweden meeting with the World Health Organization to come up with the best plan of attack against COVID-19”
    World Health Organization? His vaccine is doomed to die in the bowels of bureaucracy…

  7. Check the insider trading of the House and Senate and see how much this drug company’s stock has been purchased, the tell whether it is for real or not. They ALWAYS get the heads up first on making money w/new drug stocks. It’s part of their legal skim to fleece Merica, along w/foreign aide siphon skim, except those billions go to offshore accounts.

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