Labour Party Leader Reshuffles the Deck on His Shadow Cabinet

At last count there were 15 members of Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s “shadow cabinet” who had resigned their post since the party’s inability to stave off the Brexit referendum to leave the EU. Corbyn is being threatened with a no-confidence vote if he doesn’t step down voluntarily from his leadership position.

Corbyn has been quick to appoint new shadow cabinet members as the old ones resign and has stated his determination to hang on as head of his party in an expected leadership election.



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  1. The globalists are in damage control mode, running, selling, moving, and hiding their actions from the world. The artificial bubbles are bound to pop and they’re scared everyone will see what they had done. BRexit just figuratively bumped the first domino and is not the cause of it all, just a spark in this fire.

    The European Union is an un-elected group of money grubbing bureaucrats and is unaccountable, but the people and the deals made by those who put the bureaucrats there are accountable to someone. I hope it has been ‘enriching’ as it was established to serve that purpose. Effing elites … Ha-ha-ha

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