Ladies and Gentleman, The Prime Minister of Canada

No, Canada is not the name of a Bath House.

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  1. Paint his ass blue or green, put him in a bikini, and throw him into a Star Trek movie. Maybe Sulu will do him.

    Canada gots a lot of fixin to do.

  2. I saw some guy dancing around like that in Walmart a few months ago. He got arrested. He was high on bath salts.



  4. Heidi Heidi Heidi Ho.

    Cab Calloway had talent and worked for a livin. Justin Bieber Trudeau, not so much.

  5. They would eat him in the Yukon or Northwest Territories…..on a spit near the Great Slave Lake….

  6. “They would eat him in the Yukon or Northwest Territories”

    I doubt it’ You could kill him and cook him, but there’s no way you could make him taste like anything other than dirty ass crack. I hate that fag.

  7. The patronizing racism of elite white liberals on full display with that asshat Truedope. And, being a progtard, Truedope probably has no clue that he just did a terrible thing for his country nor how incredibly racist and offensive his behavior was.

  8. Annnnd another Conservative Party of Canada election ad gets witten by Trudeau the Younger. In the last election the NDP vote went to the Liberals which was a big reason this moron was elected. He and the Liberal Party will be destroyed in the next election and the Liberal Party doesn’t like losers regardless of their breeding so he’ll be asked to retire. As I’ve said before the problem will be how much more damage he and the backroom boys that pull his strings will do.

  9. Hey BB….you ever been to the Northwest Territories?….It’s a different, magical mindset that makes complete sense when your sick of the big city shit….

  10. Willy
    Never spent any time in Canada. Always wanted to check out Banf. Doesn’t sound like they will let me carry my G19. So fuck them. Spent some considerable time as a kid in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. When we were kids, if my dad had three days in a row off were gone. Canada hs some awesome territory. When the Patriots start fighting back maybe I’ll join in. They have a tuff road to hoe. They’re out numbered by immigrants.

  11. BB… take a long gun or two….Go to the Yukon and the NW Territories….just don’t take smokes or fruit, EH! You’ll be taxed and banished.

    You’ll need a full summer just to breath it in….

  12. Willy
    I hear ya. It’s a crying shame the true Canadians have let this go this far. I’ll be bringing my Lapua.

  13. Can’t wait for him to go to Greece.
    I bet he looks even prettier in a belly dancing outfit.

    Makes me wonder, if Israel attacks Iran from the rear, will Greece help?

  14. Love that Cab Calloway video. Watched it lots of times. Trudeau’s girly 7/11 indian dancing is pathetic and moronic. Oh Canada, shame on you.

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