Ladies, Are You A Female Male Supremacist?

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has defined a new form of thought crime. Being a women who promotes men’s causes. They call it being a female male supremacist, and they lay the charge on author Christina Hoff Summers, who has taken up the issues of  the war on boys” and most recently the gender wage gap . More

So what would the SPLC call a man who promotes the causes of women over his own sex, a male female supremacist?







17 Comments on Ladies, Are You A Female Male Supremacist?

  1. It is time to expose these commie
    scum treasonous bastards and break them up
    and put them in jail.

  2. When is the SPLC going to take time to identify anti-cisgender-white-male hate groups? Oh, that’s right, when a white male stands up for his rights, THAT is their definition of hate.

    Silly me, I should know my judgement is clouded from all the white male hate coursing through my veins.

  3. “So what would the SPLC call a man who promotes the causes of women over his own sex, a male female supremacist?”

    Likely not, given their rep. but I’d call him a snitpuss.

  4. Yes, I am a female male supremacist. Only conservative women should be able to vote (kidding… maybe). Look at what a hell on earth Sweden has become with its all-feminist government. Too many women vote with their feelz instead of their heads.

  5. Life goal: Don’t become a silly caricature.
    A journey through the ocean of their minds wouldn’t get my feet wet.

  6. Christina Hoff Summers is brilliant. If you haven’t read at the links you should get with it and I think anybody here would find her interesting and down to earth. She is a first-wave feminist – she has equality, that’s it. She puts down feminists today.

    I could say more, but you should at least read The War on Boys.

  7. Aren’t liberals just so tolerant? When you don’t jump on their bandwagon they demonize you, accuse you of being a hate filled bigot, make up some name to call you while they snuggly and proudly drive their beat up Subaru’s with a ‘co-exist’ sticker slapped on crooked to the bumper.

  8. The Sycophantic Libtard Pinko Communists say so, eh?

    OK – then the OPPOSITE position of THEIRS is the correct one; got it.

  9. Well, yes.

    I get the slur handmaiden thrown at me when I counter their ranting (when I bother) with concepts about misandry and toxic femininity.

    Which I make a point of rejecting while noting that name-calling does not a cogent argument make. I haven’t made any new friends there.

    What would the SPLC call a man “who promotes the causes of women over his own sex”? If they were honest, horny. And testosterone deficient.

  10. I love men. I wish there were more of them. There seems to be a deficit these days, especially in the 20 to 40 age bracket, from what I have observed.

  11. I’m tired of seeing boys turned into little faggots because it’s so wrong to let them be boys that play in the dirt, climb trees, play cops and robbers/cowboys and Indians, playground fights, etc.
    I want men to be men again and please stop the damn crying on tv all the time. I get so sick of seeing boys and men crying like little school girls.

    So maybe I’m a female male supremacist, whatever the hell that is.
    Nobody can deny when men were men and the head of the household and the bread winner society was hands down better than society today.


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