Ladies, Don’t Be Swapping Spit and DNA with #NeverTrumpers!

Diogenes’MiddleFinger: I ran across a column hilariously titled  *Why You Should Not Have Sex With Girls Who Hate Donald Trump ” on a blog titled ‘Return of Kings’ by  Rooch V., self-proclaimed ‘King of Masculinity’.

He’s an expert pick-up artist, cock hound, and author of books on misogyny, who by the way literally lives in his mom’s basement, and encourages his followers to not have sex with women who do not like Donald Trump.  Quite frankly,  I find myself in a bit of quandary agreeing with a well known misogynist who looks like an Arab terrorist and lives in a hole underneath a house. But I too don’t think these people, male or female, should have sex, ever, period.  more

*Some Salty Language.

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  1. Is that the real pic of the Metro Sexual? Honestly he’d be racking my weights for me in the gym. Like I always say “I ain’t pretty but, ahh I ain’t pretty” . I’m not sure where I was going with that. But you get my point.

  2. Good Lord, I don’t even want to get into a conversation with a #Never Trump guy, much less get into an actual relationship with one.

    And, @Bad_Brad, in my mind you’re a hottie. Because faggot-assed pussyism is ugly. On behalf of all the ladies here i’d like to thank you for holding the flag of virility high.

  3. Roosh is cool. Return of Kings is one of my favorite sites. He’s not a misogynist. If you wonder why you’re agreeing with him, it’s because you recognize the truth. Don’t buy into the hate that feminists have for him because he nails their bullshit.

    Isn’t it the truth that you know you’re over the target when you’re drawing fire? He’s reviled by SJWs, BLM and feminists. He’s stalked and threatened by them. He receives boatloads of death threats and his public appearances are kept secret until the last moment.

  4. Many commenters here are “alt-right” and do not realize it. This election season “Conservatism” has been revealed as an adjunct of the left; “they” have allowed the left to set the terms of the debate and as a result play defense in a war they can never win. Conservatives are merely “opfor” for the left; a baba yaga to rally their useful idiots…er…voters.

    So now we have folks like Roosh, Vox Day, Milo Yianopolis, Paul Joseph Watson, Stephan Molyneaux, and Sundance doing yeoman’s work to stop the progressives and preserve western civilization. The old labels are moribund. Take a look at these people’s body of work before kicking their collective bag in.

    On a side note, pity about those anonymous down-votes; it would be nice to know who’s comments bear additional scrutiny, grain-of-salt, and all that.

  5. @HALOSAURUS – the down votes are brave antitrumpers sissy snowflakes who don’t post but show how clever they are by trolling the down vote. No one should sleep with them …ever.

  6. Odin 2013,
    I think (hope) you’re confusing “Conservatives” with “GOPe RINOs”. Conservatives have never been an adjunct of the left Libtards. On the other hand, GOPe RINOs have often proven themselves to be spineless, hands-across-the-aisles, cowards.

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