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Lady Macbiden is BIG MAD

Patriot Retort: I’ve said before that Jill is a lot like Lady Macbeth – or Lady Macbiden if you will — pushing her feckless boob of a husband to run for office just so she can grab the wealth, power and glory that comes with being First Lady. And I’m not the only one to point this out.

But with what’s going on in Afghanistan, these accusations of elder abuse by the selfish Jill are hard to miss.

The Huffing and Puffington Post ran a well-I-nevery article over Fox weekend host Rachel Campos-Duffy saying Jill “failed the country” by forcing her dementia-ridden old crock of a husband to run for President when he is clearly not fit to serve.

And now the folks around the First Lady Macbiden are BIG MAD over what Campos-Duffy said.

Jill’s press secretary Michael LaRosa quote-tweeted the HuffPo story and called Campos-Duffy’s remarks “disgusting.” He demanded both she and Fox News apologize to the First Lady and “leave this kind of talk in the 🗑 where it belongs.”

You can tell he’s totally serious because he used the trashcan emoji instead of just typing out the word “trash” like a big boy. more

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  1. I thot it wuz Lady Drip Bag.
    After all… Jackass Joe keeps going back to Delaware to get back on the drip bag!

  2. Notice she has essentially disappeared from the public stage? You can tell Joe’s days are numbered as the press is turning on him, Harris is being sequestered away from him and Jill has essentially abandoned him. Poor demented old man does not realize he was the elected fall guy and that they are going to purposefully pen every bad thing on him all along.

  3. The day may be coming when Michael LaRosa and all of the othe fluffer flacks for Jill & Joe will be loudly declaring Joe is non compos mentis just to keep him out of impeachment. Sure, Jil & Joe will brazen their way through the wreckage of Kabul, but if the Republicans take the House back, things could get dicey.

  4. …nah. Lady Macbeth at least had enough conscious to have nightmares about Duncan’s blood on her hands.

    Jill would just lick it off, then go for seconds, tottering around her Dunsinane in stilletos poorly suited for flagstones the whole while…

  5. Congrats Jill, Your husband has achieved infamy and the ABSOLUTE worst president in History!

    When the disease progresses, and he is sitting in his own shit yelling racist terms at his nurses, just remember that you made his Senility, Racism, and Stupidity much more public than it would have been had he just LEFT THE WORLD ALONE!

    P.S. Great Job with Hunter!

  6. We should start a recall petition for Biden, Harris and all senior Dems. I know that’s not how it’s done . . . but at this point I’m curious about how many would sign it.

    May not be how it’s “supposed” to happen but we have to start somewhere.

  7. Read a story that Milley and Blanken urged Succatash head to delay the withdrawal but was overruled by The Doctor. She wanted him out, now.

  8. sometimes a disabled plane can be glided to a somewhat safe landing, if things are done right. If nothing is done, it usually ends in a fiery crash.
    She’s in the pilot’s seat, as far as joey basements goes.

  9. She’s realizing a tad late, that China gave Her the old “Bait and Switch”

    Promise…..I hope Joe lives another 30 Years and She has to deal with Him.

  10. Thirdtwin
    AUGUST 25, 2021 AT 6:01 PM
    “… if the Republicans take the House back, things could get dicey.”


    Not happening.

    Not as long as I’M around.

    …and ain’t no one done a THING about ME…

  11. If Joe kicks the bucket, Jill will most likely get all the bank accounts, all the property and not have to put up with “ole Joe.” She may be a “Black Widow.”


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