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Lame Duck Panic

Patriot Retort: The White House must be concerned that Joe Biden is looking like a lame duck president. But can you blame them?

Biden’s agenda is already on life support. If he is perceived as a 1-term lame duck, they might as well pull the plug.

How else do you explain Jen Psaki confirming yesterday that the 79-year-old broken down all crock intends to run for reelection? It certainly isn’t because they want him to.

Biden would be 81 on election day 2024. As it is he is the oldest man ever sworn in as president. There is no way in hell the Democrats want an 81-year-old man at the top of the ticket – especially one who is operating on less than 10% capacity. MORE

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  1. You know how in modern media the White guy is always presented as evil, incompetent, buffoonish, vile, and absolutely hateable in every possible way so the audience learns to despise White men as they watch, then translate that to real life interactions with White people?

    It’s like that.

    They are teaching you to refuse to EVER be led by an old White man again, so the presidency becomes a minorities and women ONLY seat.

    For that job, Pedo Joe is perfect.

  2. I’m still sulking because they wouldn’t let me do Virginia.

    But don’t worry, I’ll be there for Joe, IF they tell me to that is, I’m still there counting *giggle* your votes, never fear…

  3. Carter was a Lame Duck

    President Dr. Jill is a completely Incompetent Diaper Changer.
    Her Administration has No Economic Knowledge, negotiating skills, or Bowel control.

    Make NO MISTAKE, she is running your Country exactly like a California Socialist Kindergarten Teacher would.

  4. “…operating on less than 10% capacity.” That’s a little harsh, since he started off with an IQ of 80. How about 50% capacity. IQ of 40 sounds about right.

  5. Get ready, they’re gonna dump mattress back and the cabal controlling the dunce, will then nominate mooch. This must be done before the mid terms. She,of course, will be another puppet with Barry running things from behind the curtain.

  6. The chucky-lookin puppet knows that if she admits to the Biden supremacist not being suitable to run for re-election it’s the same thing as admitting to comical failure and laughable defeat.

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