“Lance” Goes “30 for 30”

While Michael Jordan and the Bulls have been lionized the last month in ESPN’s  “Last Dance,” the channel’s marque documentary series, “30 for 30,” goes after more elusive game, Lance Armstrong.

Part I of this documentary series premiered last night (with rebroadcast this week) starts off with a disclaimer not to get sucked in by the renowned world athlete and infamous cheater’s personal preferred narrative and to take in the full story of the rise and disgrace of the 7 time Tour De France winner. Here


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  1. He’s a nasty piece of work. I have friends who are huge in the cycling industry, their kids absolutely despised the SOB. I was at their home just before he was to visit and they just didn’t want anything to do with the guy. Nobody did.

  2. I was looking for entertainment too. Found E.B. Sledge’s “With The Old Breed” on youtube as an audiobook. 12 disks, each one about an hour. About Marines in WWII.

    Then I made the HUGE mistake of launching William L. Shirers THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH….also an audiobook on youtube…but each disk is 7 FREAKIN’ HOURS LONG AND THERE’S A DOZEN OF THEM.

    Oh yeah…. and if you need something to read, check out https://www.gutenberg.org/ it’s all free. All classics.

    May wanna’ go with one nut for lighter entertainment.

  3. How is the US Postal Service managing to pay for all this blood doping? Since when do Federal Agencies start supporting sports teams?

  4. Tried reading his book. Got to the part where he said he was an atheist because his step-dad was a Christian who spanked little Lance a few times.

    Also, he married the nurse who tended him through his illness. Cool, right? Well, he ditched her for Cheryl ‘One Square’ Crow when he hits it big. Just as big a dick as John McCain.

  5. Nice find Tim! Thanks!

    Also, finished disk 1 of the rise and fall….disk 2 is 9 hours long…. sigh.


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