Landslide in Norway, Houses Swept To Sea

YT- Watch this incredible huge landslide, where literally houses are floating into the sea. One person had to run for his live, to escape the landslide. Fortunately nobody got injured, only one dog had to be rescued and survived.

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  1. Fortunately, this is not the kind of landslide we want in November. Although a House might be affected.

  2. So sorry to the people that lost their homes.
    Congratulations to the people that just got a fabulous ocean view.

  3. I had to wait 20 minutes for my driver to wash the mud off the limo after driving through a puddle. Why do bad things always happen to me?

  4. Maybe God was just “warming up” for the main event on our West and Northeast coasts. (One can hope)

  5. and some idiot on tv, celebrity, scientist, msm talking head is going to tell me that i have to be taxed for my burning of fossil fuels to lower the earths temperature?

    it’s like they don’t recognize the awesome power of the planets natural forces.

  6. There is a 2nd video on this link of a dog that was washed out to sea and swam back. That dog walked right up to the rescuer and let him put the harness around him to go up to the helicopter.
    Both videos are really something.

  7. I always thought it would be wonderful to have a house on the ocean, that video cured me of that!

  8. Looks like Mother Nature just foreclosed on that little stretch.

    And the AGW crowd think they have some say in what She does.

  9. Man, even our natural disasters are all stereotypicaly Nordic.

    All slow and deliberate…like the earth just threw in the towel.
    Meh. It’s Denmark’s problem now.

  10. I seriously doubt their HOP covered that. Adding to the tragedy the extend of the loss is visible under 18.5 hours of daylight. Sunset at 10:30 pm, sunrise at 4:00 am. After the shock subsides, the people with homes two or 3 blocks back from the shore, will now have beach front homes. For a little while. But I doubt I could sleep well there.

  11. MJA JUNE 4, 2020 AT 8:39 PM
    “Most powerful thing in nature is water.”


    Even homes far from bodies of water. Leaky roofs, leaky pipes (incoming and bad drains), bad guttering, floods – water is the number one destroyer of homes.

    Problems with water is mostly what I find wrong when I inspect homes. Improper grading comes in second (usually soil too high over the edge of a slab foundation). Many landscapers cause a lot of problems because they really don’t know what they’re doing in this regard. They just make it look pretty, then the house starts having expensive problems over the following years. You can tell they weren’t really trained.


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