Lap Dog Media Slobber All Over Jen Psaki In WH First Presser

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On Wednesday night, the White House press corps made their embarrassing debut before White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, going from raging hyenas under Kayleigh McEnany to snoozing lapdogs for Psaki with a combination of boring, straightforward, and unserious questions with only a select few probing queries.

This was in stark contrast to the first briefings from Trump White House Press Secretaries Sean SpicerSarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kayleigh McEnany (with Stephanie Grisham never having held an in-person briefing during her tenure). More

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  1. I saw a story that quoted 18% reps and 59% dems trust the media. Gee wonder why we can’t see past our lying eyes.

  2. The most apt term I’ve come across that describes the press and their fawning treatment of the Biden administration is “Tongue Bath”. You know, like a dog licking it’s balls.

  3. Only those of us who’ve been vigilant at monitoring the DC crowd are not buying this 3rd rate theater production.
    Personally I’d to slap that smug bitch across the room.

  4. “500,000 dollars in deep cleaning of the White House” is a disturbing and ignorant statement/question.

    It is reminiscent of what some top-level Nazis said when they bought the homes of Jewish people for cheap when the Jews had to leave Germany quickly.

    It’s an affront to Trump, his family, and all decent people to say such a thing. But not unexpected from the rabid media rats.

  5. Well of course they are slobbering. It went from Kayleigh saying, “you all suck and can’t do your goddamn jobs,” to Psaki saying, “don’t do jack shit just call us awesome.

  6. What’s with the clean, combed hair and make up? She’s always looked like a dirty filthy hippie who, once a week, washes her hair with bar soap then dries it like a dog before running out the door.

  7. Uh, Jen, let me help ya out here: A fifth of Jack Daniels in him is better than a gallon of Revlon on you.

  8. They figuratively sucked her weenier and probably would literally if she had one…which I’m not sayin he-she-it doesn’t.
    Disgusting performance by the fawning press but exactly what we expected. Will the $hit House be passing out Ben & Jerry’s commie ice cream next?

  9. Suckin ass is what they do – with each other.
    Prolly give em bad breath. They’ll have to drink garbage truck juice to clean their palates.

    Remember the ass-suckers trailing around behind HRC on a rope?
    No dignity. No self-respect.
    But then, they’ve never really had any reason for either, have they?

    izlamo delenda est …


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