LAPD bomb squad truck explodes during fireworks detonation, injuring 17

NYP: Over a dozen people were hurt when an LAPD bomb squad truck was blown to smithereens during a planned detonation of illegal fireworks Wednesday night.

The enormous blast came after authorities confiscated over 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks from a South Los Angeles home. One person was arrested, according to CBSLA and the LAPD.

In addition to the injuries, the explosion wrecked nearby cars and damaged homes.

Seconds before things went haywire, officers on the ground quickly backed away from the squad trailer. According to CBSLA, the officer then screamed, “Fire in the hole!” more

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  1. remember kids, always trust the ‘experts’

    (& we all remember the definition of ‘expert’, don’t we kids?)

  2. The EOD guy should be criminally charged for making such a stupid decision. Naturally, he won’t be and the taxpayers will be paying for another truck. I support law enforcement but there are some really stupid cops out there. What the hell were they thinking.

  3. Is there anybody left in California that has the first clue how to do anything?


  4. “We’re confiscating this shit for your prote


    I was caretaking a property in the mid 90s. I was walking through the garage of said property and saw a 5 inch Naval shell. I thought, “That’s a 5 inch shell”, I even picked it up (thing had to weigh 60 pounds) and looked at the priming… “That bitch ain’t been shot, or it’s a dummy”.

    Fast forward 9 months. I was minding my own business, shaving my face, and there was the loudest explosion I have heard. The house shook. Dust poured from the lintels.

    I rushed downstairs and my Grandmother and my Aunt were buttering toast and chatting. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?”


    “That fucking explosion!”

    “Oh, that State Trooper didn’t tell you?”

    “Tell me fucking what?”

    “They found a live Five Caliber Shell at the Coad Place. They set it off.”

  5. All blamed on the owner of the fireworks.
    The squad will get off with nothing happening to them.
    Fire came out of said hole and then some. Ragdolled that truck.

  6. I’m in a red state and rural area, what are illegal fireworks?

    Regardless it looks like they would were in better hands than those who took them.

  7. I’m no expert, but wouldn’t have been safer/easier to just soak them with a firehouse? Fucking show offs

  8. Again I wonder what was the plan here???
    If only 10lbs of fireworks were in that truck (which I have a hard time believing), was it their intent to do this 500 times to dispose of 5,000lbs of stuff???

  9. Kinda reminds me of the whale the authorities blew up in Oregon a few years ago. It didn’t end well. However, it didn’t destroy a million dollar plus armored vehicle made especially for this type of detonation. Then again, maybe it was intentionally done by the cops as revenge for cutting their budget. That’ll teach’em.

  10. I believe the ‘illegal fireworks’ were those that the proper taxes had not been paid on. They looked to be boxed and crated very professionally, until…


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