LAPD, FBI collecting protest, looting footage as evidence for future arrests Police officers have watched from skirmish lines as protesters and others have stolen from businesses, thrown rocks, ignited fires and bashed in streetlights with skateboards.

More than 1,000 people were arrested in Los Angeles alone over the weekend, but officials say they have not given up on tracking down others.

The Los Angeles Police Department has been collecting evidence throughout the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd. That evidence is mostly in the form of video footage that could be used to identify individuals and bring charges against them in the future.

The FBI on Monday put out a nationwide call for pictures and videos that could help identify people “actively instigating violence” at protests across the country decrying Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police.

This strategy has been used in the past, including during melees that followed Lakers victories in downtown Los Angeles, as well as in other cities that have experienced unrest, such as Baltimore. more here

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  1. Hopefully, they will have the computer software programs that will help remove the blackface make-up from all those white nationalist and Trump supports so they can be identified.

  2. I’m thinkin’ if I send a picture of myself and fingerprints to them they will know I wasn’t there….they will, however know the size and shape of my fingers and my dick….

  3. LAPD and the FBI, talk about a couple of law and order operations. I’m not normally a pessimistic guy, but I don’t see much to be enthusiastic about out there.

  4. The Pollyanna is and always has been very strong in me. I blame a child-like heart and the “Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday nights. I know I’m not the only one who said “I believe!” when Tinkerbell was in trouble. Disillusionment is a bitter pill.

    The facts are: There are murderous sociopaths in large numbers out there who give less than two shits about human life and even less about property rights. And if they aren’t sociopaths, they are meth and heroine addicts galore who only care about liquidating my stuff to finance their next fix. And if those two groups aren’t enough, there are at least two of the youngest generations who are so detached from their fellow man through the mind-numbing use of social media and their own, complete self-absorption, they are devoid of empathy — because it’s not about them. A healthy empathy has been overridden by hive mind, Cultural Marxism (PC), and a need to absolve themselves by genuflecting to anyone who is higher on the perceived oppression scale in the Grievance Olympics. But they also get in on the action and earn social points by “helping” those who have a bigger axe to grind.

    The cherry on top of this pile are all the appallingly ignorant, “highly educated” know-alls and virtue-signalling Karens who mainline CNN and MSNBC and who are so steeped in their own self-importance, their misguided consciences won’t allow you to live in peace.

  5. …at least the alternate universe of Pollyanna came with “the glad game” and an American flag costume. Who could blame me?

  6. Not so fast. The police can investigate and charge, but prosecution is up to the District Attorney. “In the interests of healing our wounded community and restoring civic peace, I have determined that all charges will be dismissed.”

  7. The same FBI that blithely concluded that Epstein committed suicide.

    That same FBI that never charged Hillary Clinton
    because Comey decided that she never intended to commit treasonous felonies, and not a peep of disagreement was heard from a single member of that rancid Agency.

  8. Why collect and analyze all that video when only a few, if any, will be prosecuted for anything and they probably will just have the charges dropped after people have gotten over it?

    That’s the usual course for rioters that get arrested, they almost never end up with any meaningful penalty and usually no penalty at all.

  9. I hate to say it, but the FBI as an institution does not impress me as having much, if any, credibility left. I’m sure that there are good people therein, but the entire leadership needs close scrutiny and a thorough purging of people who have no business anywhere near such instrumentalities of justice.

  10. Too easy to beat a charge based on pics/video. Pics/video only places someone at the scene. You might get a trespassing or curfew violation out of it, not much more without physical evidence or cooperative first hand witnesses.

  11. law enforcement noted that some of these terror caches are DAYS OLD and some were 24 hours old. The Lame Cherry asks you, “As George Floyd, had died only a few days prior to this, how was ANTIFA positioning bricks and bottles the day Floyd died, in anticipation of Floyd’s death?”

    as you can see this was a vast operation, but for some reason the federal and state law enforcement knew nothing of it’s planning or it being staged. This in an era of Coronavirus tracking, the NSA spying on everyone, the FBI having more moles than terrorists, somehow these Floyd Terrorists were able to outwit the very law enforcement network, exactly as the Russiagate coup plotters did, the impeachment plotters did, and the Coronavirus spreaders did.

  12. If it involves real work – y’know – like looking at evidence and shit – then nothing’s gonna come of it. FBI and LAPD are going for the easy meat – cigar and freon smugglers – parking violations – they’re both revenue collectors thinly disguised as the Secret State Police and the regular LA Police.
    “To Protect and Serve” my ass – that don’t sound right – “To Protect and Serve” indeed.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. In the real world all these people who participated in these crimes, for the past week, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Unfortunately all they will get is a slap of the wrist, maybe wear an ankle bracelet and told to go home to Mommy.

    No lessons will be learned from this.

  14. Even if arrested there’ll be a torrent of bail money available thanks to the vermin in Hollywood.

  15. Ooh, yeah just wait. Those six month suspended, commuted, house arrest, counseling sentences are really gonna teach em!

    Two months probabation buddy!! Who’s laughing now?!!!

  16. Billions of dollars in damage. Hundreds of millions to investigate, apprehend and prosecute…all for 3 months in jail for a small percentage of the perps. Counseling for the rest. Tribe is in control of our cultural narratives and national psychology. The ruination is coming/already here

  17. I’d rather see a 100% tax on Nike’s, skittles, and malt liquor to pay the victims of the riots.


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