LAPD officer on leave after allegedly seen on camera fondling woman’s corpse

ABC – A Los Angeles Police Department officer has been placed on leave after body camera footage allegedly caught him fondling a female corpse, sources tell Eyewitness News.

The officer with Central Division had gone with a partner to a death investigation at a home. During the investigation at one point, the officer’s partner had left the room.

Sources say the officer turned off the recording on his body camera and then lifted the sheet off the woman’s body and allegedly began feeling her nipples and fondling her breasts.

He later turned the body camera recording back on. But the cameras used by the department have a video buffering that saves footage going back for two minutes prior to the recording function being activated.

A detective who was later reviewing bodycam video for the investigation saw the fondling on video and reported him.

The officer was pulled from the field and assigned to home duty after this incident came to light, according to LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein.

The union representing LAPD officers called the incident “extremely disturbing.”


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  1. LAPD used to be the class act of law enforcement. Now they’re all democrats and therefore worthless.
    They’ve run off all the warriors.

  2. “The officer”…”The officer”…”The officer”…..

    Probably not white, then. Sounds like something a Somali cop would do.

  3. Possiblty the officer was checking for a physiological reaction, other than pulse,
    It must be a female because no identifier was used.

  4. It was reported elsewhere that the guy who reviews camera data just happened to randomly pick this bodycam out of dozens for review, without any idea whose camera it was when he picked it. Bullshit. They were already onto this cop for other stuff, but the cop is in a protected class, so IA has to tread carefully.

  5. I wonder what the Union official was talking about when he described the incident as “deeply disturbing”, the cop fondling the corpse or the fact that the body cams had a two minute buffer that the cops didn’t know about.

  6. …I once worked with a guy in my factory who found out I had run Squad back in the day, and he had run with a paid ambulance service, so he hit me up in the smoking area one day (when I was still smoking), wanting to swap war stories.

    Just to back up here, I ran with a municipal service, which concentrates on emergencies, while he ran with a for-hire service, which is more about dead people, non-emergency transport, and people who get in violent altercations and think (wrongly) that the paid guys won’t tell the police. Sometimes some cities contract with paid services, but this was not ususal in this time and place.

    Won’t say I never transported a corpse because sometimes the coroner was lazy, but the norm was he would send the paid guys to do that, so we didn’t have an emergency unit out of service.

    Anyway, in this case, we’re in a factory talking about past runs, or so he wanted to. He led with why he got fired, which was also the end of the conversation for ME, because he was a sick bastard.

    It seems he thought he was wrongly dismissed because he and his partner got bored one night moving a recently deceased around, and thought it would be funny to prop the dead guy up in the driver’s seat and go to a McDonald’s drive-through, with one guy working the pedals and steering from the passenger’s seat and the other in the blacked-out rear holding the guy up. They ordered and pulled up to the window, and the window worker got aggrivated at not being able to elicit a response from the cadaver, and reached out to shake it and it fell over, obviosly dead, understandably freaking out the restrauter.

    They had a big laugh and left. His story did not include whether they even paid for the food.

    These assholes did not seem to realize that the name and number of the ambulance service was in BIG letters on the back of the unit, and that McD’s didn’t think it was funny, and shared that displeasure with the service. He said they were told to return to base immediately, where they were summarily relieved of their jobs and normal human beings completed the transport.

    At this juncture, I cut him off and read him the riot act about abuse of a corpse. That dead body may be a nuisance and a burden to YOU, but it’s someone’s father, uncle, brother, son, and is also one of God’s letters to the world, and deserves respect for ALL of those reasons as well as being a fellow human being’s body, so the Golden Rule SHOULD apply as well. After this, I told the guy to keep himself away from me, and saw to it his little joke lost him ANOTHER job as well because WE didn’t need someone THAT unethical, EITHER.

    I was also a bit touchy on the subject because I lost my OWN father around this time, and it was about when a coroner’s office scandal had broke concerning a sicko who worked in the mourge and thought he would be “arty” and pose dead people, including children, with roses and stuff and take pictures,, all without permission, and we had to make sure my father wasn’t one of his “models” on TOP of grieving for him, so I was DEFINITELY the WRONG person to go to with THAT crap.

    I wasn’t always respectful in the way I talked about dead people between brothers in the firehouse, it was kind of a defense mechanism sometimes to use black humor in-house, but NEVER with anyone OUTSIDE the house, and I ALWAYS treated a body with the respect I would want my own father treated with.

    …I could say some other stuff about paid services and body transport, but that’s a different subject for another time…

  7. One thing- no lie- Ethyl frigid as an eskimo pie! She’s cool in bed-she outta be cuz Ethyl dead! A little Alice Cooper for ya’ll.

  8. You obviously don’t understand.

    He was just adjusting her breasts, “because they had shifted out of whack”

  9. @ Bo Tsar DECEMBER 5, 2019 AT 4:46 PM

    My favorite Alice Cooper song, incredible, tight guitar work on that song.

    Also, that cop is one sick person and should be fired.

  10. gin blossom
    DECEMBER 5, 2019 AT 5:21 PM
    “He thought sure it was his wife, they both have the same reaction.”

    why, is his name actually Bill Clinton?

  11. ^^^among other things, dead people tend to shit and piss themselves when they die. Also, depending on how long they’ve been dead, there’s dependent lividity which is mottling of the skin from pooling blood, rigor mortis at a somewhat later point, literal “death breath” from expulsion of residusal lung volume across decaying tissues, dead farts from gut bacteria madly digesting pooling abdominal fluids in a vain attempt to live a bit longer, comlete loss of skin tugor from umperfused flesh, ZERO muscle tone so EVERYTHING sags (pre-rigor), and things that can vary depending on mechanism of death like tounge swelling, vomitus retention, bloody sputum, discoloration, eyes open and rolled back, VERY cold and totally immobile flesh, literal “Dead Weight” (you don’t realize how much a person REALLY weighs until they don’t support ANY of it themselves), dislocations from flaccid tendons, open, deep wounds that don’t bleed…

    …it’s a long list, and NONE of it is pleasant. Anyone turned on by ANY of this is a very, very ill individual and should be treated as such…


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