LAPD’s Electric Car Project Lacks Energy

The Los Angeles police department made a big deal out of its 3-year lease of 100 electric cars from BMW for $10.2 million. A year and a half into the project,  local TV looks into just how often, and for what reasons, the cops are using their fancy electric vehicles.  Watch

8 Comments on LAPD’s Electric Car Project Lacks Energy

  1. A friend works for LA City finance. He drives an i3, not sure whether it is part of the city’s lease. He said they worked out the numbers and that these were the most cost-effective, and that they will not be used for regular police duty but just supporting operations.
    But maybe they miscalculated on how many would actually be used.

  2. That’s a lot of cars just for administrators. More proof they don’t give a damn about taxpayers, I mean serfs.

  3. $34,000/car/year is cost effective? And after 3 years they have nothing. Buy them Chevy Prizms at $12K/each and make them keep them for the next 15 years like the rest of us.

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