Lara Logan talks about Antifa

She explains antifa and the ridiculous media calling the terror group a conspiracy theory.
FOX and Friends – Fox News – June 2, 2020.

h/t Ghost.

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  1. The larger picture emerges. China backs “higher education”. Professors become de facto agents for chinese style communism. College curriculum churns out social justice warriors, the new red guard with guaranteed government jobs as squealers and enforcers on local levels. We have a few years for this to “rectify” unless massive election fraud succeeds.

  2. “Journalists” are attacking her over this. The lengths these people are going to shield these anarchists convinces me there are “journalists” who are working with them.

  3. The opinions of ‘celebrities’ carry very little to NO weight as far as I am concerned.

    Heavy on the NO.

  4. Haven’t seen this in a while, but it needs to pop up every now and then:

    “We cannot rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”—Barky

    BTW, the “pallets of bricks” are just a conspiracy, according to the media janitors on cleanup. How about a little forensic work on those bricks which were thrown? Find out where they came from, who bought them and who brought them to the riots.

  5. Absolutely third twin.

    Same with the rented bikes the insurgents used to create the makeshift barricades that need to be rented by swiping a credit card. Who paid for those cards?

    All roads lead to Soros, Obama, Ayres, Hollywood, et al.

  6. I really like this lady. A brave woman, been through a horrific ordeal. See her bio.

    Resilient, eloquent, tough, smart.

  7. “Teen Vogue says Antifa just want a better world without racism.”

    I just want a better world without Antifa.

  8. She is the second sexiest woman in the world after Melania Trump.

    I would love to come into her town riding michelle obama, and whisk her into the saddle and ride off with her like a prince.

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