Large Cartel Meth Lab Discovered in Mexican Border State

Breitbart TX: MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon — Cartels are changing the drug trafficking trends by establishing large-scale methamphetamine production operations not far from the Texas border.

The strong smell of chemicals led authorities to a clandestine laboratory where cartel members were manufacturing methamphetamine. The discovery was made in the municipality of Escobedo, an industrial zone in Nuevo León that is continuously fought over by organized crime. The clandestine “kitchen” is about 110 miles south of Roma, Texas. The property is surrounded by a wall and the top part covered with barbed wire. Parts of the property were hid with a green tarp.

A law enforcement source with the Nuevo Leon Attorney General’s Office revealed to Breitbart Texas that inside the property, they discovered large drums, a plastic pool, and enough precursors to cook batches of hundreds of pounds at a time. Authorities seized approximately 88 pounds of fully cooked meth. The source revealed the suspects at the laboratory escaped by running out the back of the property and into the brush. The men left behind gloves and masks used to keep from getting poisoned during the cooking process.  story/photos

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  1. it would be a shame to ignore the danger and not explorer a fast and effective method to rid the area of both the drug lab(s) and the operator(s). simultaneously.
    ***HINT, hint, wink, wink***
    ‘los accidentes ocurren’
    never let a dangerous, and potentially explosive and hazardous accident waiting to happen go to waste, help bring it to life, and encourage it to live, even if it’s only short lived.

  2. I live just outside of El Paso and constantly see pickup trucks with those type of containers in the back. We called them ‘totes’ in the trucking business. They were used primarily for transporting hazardous liquid chemicals.

    I just assumed the locals were carrying lawn chemicals or such. Now I’ll be looking at them with a different eye. If only the sheriff felt the same way.

  3. I just assumed that the cartels had actual labs going full tilt 24/7/365.

    What a let down that it’s a cinder block wall and a 3rd world work environment. Why I bet there is no running water and the workers have to use an outhouse to do their other business.

    What they need is for Micheal Moore to go down there and organize the workers. Get better working conditions, a lunch room with a tv, dorms, an on site doctor to help with any chem spills. And of course medical and dental- double gold package nothing cheap and worthless like Obamacare. It’s not like the cartels can’t afford to spruce up the work conditions. Just appalling no matter how you look at it.

    Oh, and we need to build the wall, declare Mexico as a Narco state which means we can drone strike what we want when we want and put landmines in front of the wall.


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