Largely Ignored Story – University Students Uncover 1000s of Medical Studies Presented To FDA Riddled With Fraud


There’s big money to be made in medicine, especially where devices and prescription drugs are concerned. Sometimes, the temptation is too great to resist for those motivated by greed. This leads to falsifying studies and placing patients at risks, sometimes in life-threatening situations.

A December 2014 study conducted by Charles Seife (2) of Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism at New York University.

The university and students examined the FDA inspection files (open to public scrutiny) for clinical trials. The objective of the study aside from applying journalism investigative skills was to ascertain if violations in clinical trials were later mentioned in “peer-reviewed literature”.

The conclusion of the paper was that such violations were rarely included in this literature. This finding is especially disconcerting since some of the violations include data manipulation and complete fabrication and falsifying of documents and records (3).

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  1. One of the biggest scams started 60 years ago with the warning about saturated fats and the creation of the disastrous food pyramid.

    Dr Ancel Benjamin Keys, a scientist at the University of Minnesota. was formidably persuasive and, through sheer force of will, rose to the top of the nutrition world—even gracing the cover of Time magazine—for relentlessly championing the idea that saturated fats raise cholesterol and, as a result, cause heart attacks.

    Sadly for us, his studies were bogus and his bias contributed mightily to today’s obesity. Fat has been a significant part of the human diet for thousands of years. It helps to carry the flavor – requiring less sugar and salt used to substitute for flavor in today’s foods – and provides the signal that we’re full.

    The government is not smarter than a 5 year old.

  2. Virtually every government study is riddled with fraud. Government grants, next to the private non-profit sector, are the biggest and most wasteful frauds in American history. They both rip off the tax payer. The government shovels out your tax money with very little oversight, care or concern!

  3. “Sometimes, the temptation is too great to resist for those motivated by greed. This leads to falsifying studies…”

    Greed: for money, power and control.

    These are the motivating factors in Progressivism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism and all the other isms. That’s why so-called science is invoked to shore up their claims about food, climate change, guns, education, religion, behavior, and any other aspect of our lives they want to control in order to make us miserable.

  4. Progressives hate science as much as they do blacks and are using the same tools to destroy both.
    By subsidizing bad behavior they encourage sloth and fraud. This also breeds resentment and contempt for the groups in the general population.
    Any ‘scientist’ that accepts a government grant is no better than a gang banger living off the welfare checks his baby mommas get.

  5. Wow, actual investigative reporting done and not on a conservative target. Too bad it’s only a school project and I suspect the indoctrination and manipulation continues. Just imagine what these kids would find if they actually turned their energies to all politicos both left and right. Think of George Soros pissing his pants imagining a legion of young, not ideologically impaired journalists could do with him if they decided to do an in-depth story on the Man, his Business, his Politics and his Ethics.

  6. Dr. Keys is on my permanent shiite list. 5 decades of pushing low fat, high carbohydrate, sugar is no problem diets and we have obesity and Type 2 diabetes epidemics. The government’s own statistics show meat consumption is greatly reduced and fruit and vegetable consumption is greatly increased along with massive grain and refined carb consumption.
    People are following the almighty Keys recommendations and getting sicker and sicker and fatter.

    The new food pyramid is due out and we will get more of the same crap thrown at us thanks to effing fat assed Mooch Obozo. The usual line is it’s the patients fault for non-compliance to the guide lines. U huh.
    Thank God for people like Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz and Dr. Robert Lustig.
    Interesting thing I discovered in talking to medical professionals is they push the low fat/high carb on patients but for themselves it’s high fat/ moderate protein/ low carb.

    So I lost 7 pounds following a low fat diet and was freakin’ hungry all the time. Gained it back immediately. Have now lost 39 pounds of flub on an ancestral, low carb no sugar diet. Yea meat! Yea fat! And I haven’t been hungry at all. Gotta’ read labels carefully. Every blessed thing now has some form of hidden sugar in it.
    Never had high cholesterol but now my triglycerides are at 39 and HDL is at an astonishing 85.

    I could go on forever about faked studies, skewed data, ignored data, association is not cause, etc. Having spent most of my career as a research and assessment supervisor it’s easier to smell the BS and fraud.
    ‘Doctoring Data” by Dr. Malcom Kendrick is another eye opener. This guy is blunt and pissing off the politicized medical community in the UK and US,

    Guess I’ve ranted enough. Eat meat! Eat healthy fats! Evil lard? 70% of lard is the same fat found in highly touted olive oil. I’ll take lard, coconut oil , BACON grease, butter over a vegetable oilany day. There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. There is no such thing as a deficiency of carbohydrates.
    OK rant over for a while.

  7. “Publish or Perish” is not a joke.
    What’s published isn’t nearly as important as how much is published.
    Few people read that bullshit, anyway, and even fewer critically.

    It’s spewing out of every Department of every College of every University on Earth. Not to mention the trained seals and parrots of the UN and NGOs.

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