Larry Elder announces run for governor of California

Citizen Free Press: Can wait for the debates.  Will they call him racist?

Also- Governor Dippity Do, Didn’t…

UPDATE: Newsom just LOST in court. Judge rules that Gavin Newsom will NOT have a (D) next to his name on recall ballot. He forgot to file his paperwork before the deadline. This is great news for the recall effort! Follow me to keep updated!Tim Swain@SwainForSenate.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Gov. Gavin Newsom will not be allowed to have his Democrat Party preference printed on the recall ballot, a judge decided Monday.

The judge’s decision comes after attorneys representing Newsom and Secretary of State Shirley Weber faced off in court for about an hour. Newsom then requested the Sacramento County judge make a decision on the issue in writing Monday.

Newsom was required to include his party preference in his reply to the recall petition in February of 2020. One of his lawyers who handled the paperwork admitted to the judge Friday he screwed up.

On Monday, the judge said this did not excuse his noncompliance with the law.

“The court is not persuaded,” he wrote. more

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  1. Excellent debater!
    He’ll win, as long as the Dems don’t cheat and or the voters and poll workers are keeping an eye on what’s going on at the polls.

  2. What a wonderful piece of news this day! I will be praying every day … even AFTER the election … for a fair and fraud-free election.

    Every Conservative that moved out of California – hurry and move back just to be able to vote for him! 😉

  3. Finally someone to vote for. But just like before, the media will make sure nobody knows he’s even running.

  4. God Bless him.
    Sort of like jumping into a cesspool (mingling with politicians).
    I wish him the best but don’t put much faith in CA’s intellectual acumen.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Larry’s a good man and can rattle off facts like a computer, he’ll slaughter anyone up against him in the debates.
    Too bad it’s likely too corrupt and stacked against him. I wish him all the luck!

  6. We currently have three very conservative candidates running. You never hear of them. All the tv or radio news talks about is Caitlin or the even more feminine Newsom. I thought we use to have equal time laws in this country. I hope Larry can figure a way to get noticed. 95% of residents of this state would rather tune in to they’re fav reality TV show than watch the debates. The sad reality is even if we do get a conservative Governor elected in this state it will have little impact. The Libtard lawmakers hold a super majority that they established after the last cheat fest. I hate to sound like Debbie Downer but until we get real election integrity they will continue to rule over us.

  7. “Excellent debater!”

    What makes you think there will be any debates? The debates you speak of, will these be between the GOP candidates or do you think they will get Newsom on stage for any of these?

    Here’s the deal; On Sept. 14th (only 2 months away)On election day, voters will be asked two questions: whether they want to recall Newsom, yes or no – and if more than 50% say “yes”, who should replace him?

    Newsom’s over all approval rating is over 50%, 57% oppose the recall. There are (so far) 37 candidates; eight Democrats, 17 Republicans, two Green Party candidates, and a Libertarian Party candidate. Who gets on the ballot? still undetermined.

    I will vote for Larry (Ric Grenell is not running as far as I know) but Newsom is NOT getting recalled.

  8. Newsom got caught having an affair with a “High Level Staffer” about a month ago. It was on the local news for about one afternoon. Now it’s scrubbed. Interesting how that works if you’re a Libtard.

  9. From what I know about him, he is a staunch conservative.

    I’m tellin’ ya, black conservatives will be a huge part of our survival as a country. I’m not talking about using them as mere cannon fodder in our physical battles against the left – that’s what liberals have been trying to do for decades. It’s their love of freedom and independence, like all conservatives have.

  10. Hah, Larry The Limp-Wristed Liberal wants to viciously slap “Uncle Tom” Larry Elder with his limp wrist.

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