Larry Elder Surges To Lead In Potential Recall Election As New Poll Dooms Gavin Newsom – IOTW Report

Larry Elder Surges To Lead In Potential Recall Election As New Poll Dooms Gavin Newsom

MAGA Conservatives: Gavin Newsom just got some terrible news heading into his recall election. Larry Elder, the conservative media figure, however, got fantastic news from the same poll that doomed Newsom.

A new poll shows Newsom in serious trouble with the electorate evenly split whether to recall the embattled Dem Governor or leave him in office. And worse for Newsom, among likely voters, he is in the toilet. Turnout will be key and GOP voters are very motivated while Dems voters could care less. Bad signs for Newsom.

“The governor’s in jeopardy among those most likely to be voting,” Mark DiCamillo, director of the Berkeley IGS Poll, said. The UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies/Los Angeles Times survey shows conservative talk radio host Larry Elder as the current front-runner among the dozens of candidates running to replace Newsom if the voters send Gavin packing. more here

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  1. How would you know if the election was honest? Many officials don’t want anyone asking questions insisting they know how to count votes, and run election operations. And we don’t have a right to ever question the results. Tell me again why everyone should trust a human.

  2. It’d be nice to see CA get rid of this slimy bastard.
    The forces of evil will be out in force, though, and excising the tumor will be a challenge.

    Ah, well, wish them the best and trust that fraud doesn’t play too great a part.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I run the only poll that matters, and I say Nancy’s nephew STAYS.

    Go cry to the Supreme Court if you dont like it.

  4. Fresh mask mandates for your insolence, peasants.

    And there will be more and worse punishment to come.

    I am your MASTER.

    And I will beat that into you all the harder for this outrage.

    Aunty will be sending me Capitol Police enforcers to help.

    THEN you will PAY.

    You will ALL PAY!

  5. I wonder if the democrats will allow Elder to win. Because that is the only way a republican can win an election now. Especially in Ca.

    The republican party thought it was really clever to allow the dems to cheat in nov, but now they think things are going to go back to normal? (by normal, i mean an election where a republican can win if it’s not close. If it’s close, a republican will never be allowed to win. and that was the case even before november)

  6. I can see a lot of Dem voters looking at the polls, seeing Elder as the likely victor, and choosing NO on the recall question. Better Gruesome than a ‘right-wing extremist’ to many minds.

  7. Mail in voting only due to another lockdown and only people without ID are allowed to vote at their nearest Tent City. No bathroom breaks Either.

  8. While reading this why does a tune my grandma would sing to me,when I wanted something I wasn’t gonna get…the tune (sing it with me folks)..he’s got high hopes, he’s got high apple pie in the sky hope,now let me go water my rubber plant tree..

  9. Like Biden/Harris months before the election they knew the fix was in so they went no where and laid low. I hope I am wrong but no way will an R win in crazy CA


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