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😱 Laser-Powered Lawn Mower

Futurism: YouTuber Daniel Riley unleashed his inner mad scientist by building a laser-powered lawn mower — the epitome of something you shouldn’t try to replicate at home.

His terrifying invention makes use of a 40-watt CNC cutting machine laser that’s roughly 8,000 times as powerful as a laser pointer, as well as a 3D-printed gimbal to blitz unsuspecting grass blades into oblivion.

Make no mistake, there’s no universe in which this is safe.

“It’s not going to cut your finger off or anything like that,” Riley warned in his video, “but a direct hit to your eyeball, even for just a nanosecond, would make you blind for the rest of your life.”

Worst of all, Riley’s invention is incredibly inefficient, felling grass and other weeds in a narrow beam over an entire week. more here

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  1. When they first started using radar on airplanes during WWII they didn’t fully understand the power of those signals. My uncle saw a fellow crew member on an aircraft carrier get cooked alive by the landing radar of an airplane because the pilot forgot to shut it off as he taxied on the deck after landing.
    There’s a reason Amana called their first microwaves “radarange”.

  2. No difference than playing with bio-weapons in labs. Just takes one mistake to do major damage. Yet Washington keeps funding it world wide with mindless crazy Fauci over site zero standards.

  3. geoff,
    Until you pull the plug and/or disconnect the battery.


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