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Last Night We Saw Why Americans Own 16+ Million AR-15s


As televisions and computers showed a fourth day of protesters turned rioters Saturday, looting and destroying property, it was readily apparent why Americans own 16+ million AR-15s.

When Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke was still vying for the Democrat nomination–and pledging to come take away your AR-15–Breitbart News spoke with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) about what a Herculean task that would be. After all, the AR-15 is the most popular rifle platform in America.


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  1. Molon Laave
    Have your will made out.
    Bring a lunch. May take awhile. I’ll be getting hungry.

  2. 12 years ago I would have been just as satisfied with a lever gun. But then someone approached me with a problem with a component part (7.62 by 39 bolt) which we fixed. But hell why stop there. We sold a lot of Billet Receivers and complete guns during the Obama years. That guy sure could sell guns. It launched us into the Tacticool gun world. Met some great people.
    Anyway, 12 years later if I need to defend me and mine I’m grabbing one of my ARs in 300 ACC with our muzzle brake. The ultimate get out of my neighborhood gun.
    If they show up, they better be damn good.

  3. I’m still patiently waiting for ole Beto to show up and personally try to take away my ‘locked and loaded’ equalizer!!!

  4. You see shit like this and you realize no matter what you have it might not be enough. I’ve still got some spending money tucked away, I might start with some ammo then check on the availability of some RPG’s and a few launchers. I’ve always wanted some of those.

  5. Love my AR’s, but got several others that have their place too. .45 pistols, 12-bore pump, scoped Winchester 70—-each has advantages over the others in certain situations.

    So isn’t it nice to have choices?

  6. 16 million is just an estimate. I would be willing to wager that Joe Biden has a better chance of winning in November than that number being correct. They think that 20% of the AR owners registered their guns here in Corup-icut when they made that the law after Sandy Hook, where by the way, the murderer Peter Manfredonia was from. Must be something in the water there. The Courant is a waste of trees rag.

  7. I had a bit of fun with some new guys at a local private range some time back. I was doing load development for a .458 SOCOM (look it up) that looks just like a standard AR-15 with a bull barrel.

    Told the guys I bought this gun used and something seemed not quite right about it. Had it on the shooting bench with the muzzle down on the bags and dropped a 5.56 (223 Winchester) round into the chamber. Which promptly fell out of the muzzle onto the ground.

    They goggled at this and started hollering about chamber and bore wear and I didn’t need to try to shoot that thing at all.

    Was big fun for me, and after they found out they’d been pranked they thought it was pretty funny too.

    Then they wanted to shoot it.

  8. We have a couple dandy little something like six pound coyote calling ARs that are set up for night work and they are real handy. With the 16 inch Faxon pencil barrel in 223 Wilde they are good for an inch and three quarters at two bucks and still work like a charm if a coyote decides to jump in your lap and you need to repel boarders.

    I have three next to my bed tonight, just in case I need to defend the perimeter. My go to home defender is the Model 37 slam fire Ithaca’s though. With the short buckshot barrels and Federal Flight Control OO Buck we use for black tail still hunting on them them they are the perfect home defenders. They will put nine pieces of buckshot on a paper plate at 30 yards and I have two State Championship belt buckles shooting trap that says you are better off not trying to force your way into my home. An AA Class trap shooter caries a 97.5 average shooting little fast moving targets all season long and that includes days they are dancing around in the wind pretty good.


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