Late Night Deejay – Rhett’s Girl

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  1. Haven’t heard any Louis Prima in years. Very cool. And his bass player ROCKS!

    Melanie Fiona is new to me. She’s kind of hot! The background vocals remind me of the song “Venus”.

    Always liked the lead guitar in that George Benson song.

    Number six song has been disabled by the owner? Maybe you could post another one in the comments so you can get all six in?

    Very nice set Rhett’s Girl. Thank you!

  2. I’ve heard the song before, but did not know who sang it till I was on
    The internet and could look it up. That’s all I do is look up things that
    I don’t know. Which is a lot.
    It’s amazing, any question you have and the answer is there.

  3. Thanks, all. Been out of pocket these last few days so was a bit surprised to see this.

    My musical tastes are all over the map and I listen to everything (sans rap cause that ain’t music). Did a selection through the decades, though through M. Fiona (the 2000s), I got the 60s covered (Frankie Valli Venus sampling, Supremes –like trio, fashion).

    Keely Smith is one of my all-time favorites and believe it or not, she’s still going strong. Don’t know what happened with the James/Sanborn selection—it was supposed to be “Since I Fell For You”, (damn, that mercury retrograde) though it doesn’t matter cause every song on the CD is great. It’s my “if I were stuck on a desert island and had to pick a jazz CD choice.” Sanborn doesn’t do lots of vocal arrangements (Al Jarreau sings), so it’s a real treat.

    If I could play the guitar, it would be like George Benson, hands down (with Andre Segovia a close second). Angie Bofill, a tremendous voice from the 70s had a stroke and can no longer sing, a great loss indeed. Sorry about the last one, but if you haven’t heard it, it’s Gerald Albright’s, So Amazing (no idea how to upload). To me, one of the best instrumental or vocal renditions of that song, ever.

    This was a fun exercise. Challenging, but fun (hate that I’ve given Apple lots of money as a result of all the new music I’ve discovered…)

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