Late Night Friday Deejay – Greyhound

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  1. Oh, Greyhound. This is by far my most favorite set. I tell you, my mouth started watering, literally. At one point I had to put my hands over my eyes and just savor the moment — I didn’t know what else to do.

    I loved watching the drummer in your number 2 pick, just loved it. And number 3! Out of this world sophisticated. Number 4 so painfully sweet. And number 5 was when I had to cover my eyes because I was in such heaven — My Love Has Butterfly Wings.

    How can I ever tell you how much I enjoyed these? Most all of them I have never heard before. Thank you so much. I will keep this one.

    Thank you BigFurHat for these opportunities. This set is pure diamonds.

  2. Gene Krupa, arguably the best swing drummer ever.
    Funny enough, he and Radar, Gary Burghoff were longtime friends.

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