Latest Chicago Crime Stats

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  1. “Hispanics and Blacks in Chicago seem to be predisposed to violence.”
    Naw – that’s the result of white supremacy.
    They all “Kumbaya” and shit till the white devils make em violent.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I check Heyjackass regualraly. My opinion the murder rate mostly records gang on gang violence so it’s not relevant to lots of people. The Car-Jacking thing though is clearly Terrorism.

    Punks moving around the city striking vulnerabilities, stealing cars, injuring people, sometimes kidnapping kids in the cars. The car-jacking number doesn’t get updated very often but is the real failure of this cluster fest of a mayor.

    No one, nowhere is safe.. Thats the point.

    Oh, and when are the kids in the city going to actively participate in their own education, instead of refusing, claiming that is acting white.

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