Latest Hillary Anti-Trump ad must be fisked

So I fisked it. video here.

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  1. I’m offended they didn’t have any pedophiles, muslims, felons, transgenders, communists or black panthers in hillary’s commercial.
    Or did they?

  2. That was painful. These preachy assholes lecture us constantly and if there’s any bullying going on it’s the progressive thought police doing it.

    I’m guessing this ad is a dog whistle that I cannot hear.

  3. Damn. It was a video of political bullshit cliches.
    Oh but they were working that mentally challenged guy pretty good. Why didn’t they just hang a sign on his neck and make him beg for change? Sheesh.

  4. It’s better, but still activates my gag reflex. The women are so shrill — makes me cringe. Good thing I don’t watch much tv.

  5. heard it all before…same old shit, same old hag, same weary sounding phrases, they’ve got nothing new. nothing.

  6. i watched trumps vp announcement. It was a half hour of awesome. I could sense his depth of concern for our country. You could hear his heart for the USA. Then, I watch things like the above, and its just wretched shit. just pure shit straight from the end of the heifer.

  7. The most telling aspect of this pathetic screed, is how entirely self-centered the entire construct is. You can practically hear the precious little snowflakes demanding…look at me mommy, look at me!

  8. Where did they dig up these freaks in this ad? You got a couple of lisping nancy boys, a pudgy Asian lady with vocal fry, a prognathic jawed air headed blond valley girl, a butt ugly bald headed sheboon, a guy who looks like served as the model for the Zoltar machine in the movie “Big”, a cross eyed beaner, and a diesel dyke in a Bernie T-shirt.

  9. Well, in order to tear dowm Trump, they’re going to have to get past the 16 million people who voted for him in the primaries. And some of us are mean mothers.

  10. Maybe they don’t understand that this is our last chance to take back our country using the ballot box.
    If they steal that from us…..uhm…we still have one more “box” to use.

  11. Maybe they should try to garner the aborted baby vote. That would give them like 60 million votes, right?

    Fucking open-minded hypocrites.

  12. What should have been mentioned is that I expect every person in the Hillary video was paid for their participation, They’re actors or paid performers-not your average person on the street,

  13. I can’t take anymore liberal virtue signaling. Must destroy stupid liberals who get all snarky with the attitude of being better than everyone else because they might just suffer a little under a more responsible government.

    Was it me or were all of them ugly in their own unique way? I mean doesn’t the left own Hollywood? Make with the beautiful people to try to polish that turd of a political ad.

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