Latest Planned Parenthood Video Could Show Evidence Of At Least Brutal 3 Crimes


Yet another undercover video has been released by The Center For Medical Progress exposing the disturbing practices of Planned Parenthood.

planned parenthood dermish

In the video, a woman identified as Dr. Amna Dermish, a second-trimester abortion provider for Planned Parenthood, discusses her attempts to perform an abortion while keeping the fetus’ head, or calvarium, intact. Dermish believes she is talking to potential buyers for fetal body parts.

A partial transcript of the video reads:

Dervish – I haven’t been able to do that yet. The intact calvarium.

Buyer – Oh, the calvarium?

Dervish – To get the calvarium intact, yeah.

Buyer – Well, maybe next time, right?

Dervish – Well, this will give me something to strive for!

Buyer – Exactly.

The Center for Medical Progress claims that the new video is evidence of two crimes: performing an illegal partial birth abortion and the sale or purchase of human fetal tissue.

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4 Comments on Latest Planned Parenthood Video Could Show Evidence Of At Least Brutal 3 Crimes

  1. It always bothers me to see the reporter use the term “fetus” in these stories. I realize that it is medically correct, but it plays into the ghouls’ attempts to dehumanize this horror. I’d much prefer they’d call the victim a baby.

  2. will someone please tell me what needs to be on an undercover video with pp that will change your mind about killing babies?

    we are now on video number 10 or 11.

    how about an abortion filmed where the child’s head is severed and the doctor is smiling. will that be the clincher?

  3. Human sacrifice has been a part of Satanism since inception.
    Killing ones child is a required sacrament.
    Killing an inconvenient child is worse than slaughtering all ones pets before going on a vacation.
    I don’t give a flying Obama about the feelings of these reprobates. They need to be ostracized by all rational people.

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