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Latin Explosion

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In this trailer for an HBO documentary about the explosion of the number of Latinos in American, melon head George Lopez says, “instead of trying to think of ways to keep us out, you should be thinking about ways to keep us in.”

With one sentence, this moron politicized the documentary, and now I hate it and must condemn it.

Yeah, yeah, latinos are proud of their heritage, we get it, but George Lopez, along with several others in the film, was born in America. He was born in California. So what’s this “us” sh@t when he’s talking about Mexicans?

See, this is the problem. George Lopez doesn’t even think of himself as an American, so what should we expect out of the illegals who jump the border for U.S. freebies?

When he uses the word “us” I want to deport him.

It seems as if he will never get it, so I’ll try and put it one last time in terms he might understand-

After he took a kidney from his first wife, Ann, and then left her, how do you think his new potential kidney donor would like it if all he talked about was how great Ann was?

What if he hung a picture of Ann on the headboard as he grunted one out over his new bitch? I don’t think she’d enjoy it. I think she’d tell him to go the hell back to Ann if she’s so great.

That’s how we feel about Mexicans flying the Mexican flag here. That’s how we feel about La Raza in America.That’s how we feel about American born morons who think of themselves as Mexicans.

I had “Italian” friends when I was growing up that needed their a$$es kicked, as well. Always talking about “the old country” when the closest they’ve ever been to Italy is The Olive Garden.

Listen, go live in Mexico or shut the frig up and become loyal to America. And if you’re loyal to America you wouldn’t want open borders.

America has the right to expect people living here to know the culture, know the history, take a test, and take an oath of loyalty and allegiance, not just sneak in.

Why is that so hard to comprehend?

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  1. Why should we care about Beaner culture, they come from a turd world society that hasn’t accomplished anything except some edible food and as long as they are mostly Spanish blood some very pretty women.

    They are mostly a punchline of a bad joke.

  2. George Lopez is pretty much a notorious hater of Whites.
    Google his name and the word “racist” and you will find people asking what’s wrong with him going back over a decade.

    George Lopez’s entire family, and especially his own mother, treated him like sh*t his entire life until he got famous, and then were hangers on for money.
    One of my sisters was friends with him when he was just starting out and she says he wasn’t like that at all back in the day 35-years or so ago, but that he had a pretty horrific upbringing.

    She say he didn’t really think much of Mexicans at the time she knew him and he once even commented to her how all of the people that helped him out were all whites and that whites treated him much better than his fellow Mexicans.
    I guess that has all changed.

  3. “thinking about ways to keep us in”

    bull shit, the only way to get them out of the usa would be to turn the welfare spigot off.
    and that’s not going to happen as long as 50% of the population and the re-election of politicians depends on it.

  4. Where are all the scientists, doctors, economists, etc… All I saw were a bunch of self absorbed blowhard singers and actors.

  5. Cheech Marin is just as obnoxious. He was on the cooking channel (!) a few years back gloating about “brown” being the dominant color shortly and how the rest of us should just accept it.

    You’re welcome for everything this country has given you, Pothead. I’m sure the Third Worlders in Messco would’ve made you just as wealthy.


  6. The other side of the coin is just as valid:

    I don’t think they actually “love” Mexico as much as they want to show others ( that they hate America. It’s quite childish, yet deeply destructive if not checked.

  7. “After he took a kidney from his first wife, Ann, and then left her,”

    I did not know that about Whore Hay. ¡What a pigito!

  8. If mexico’s so fucking wonderful, why are you here?

    Hispania’s been on a death spiral since 1588 – get on with it, and Get er Done!

  9. A guy I worked with son was dating a spick chick who was a hot tamale – the guy axed his son what the mom looked like. The answer wasn’t too flattering – he said “That’s what she’s gonna look like in 10 years after 12 kids.”

  10. Turning off the spigot won’t even do it. When the chronically unemployable are vying for the same jobs as the Mexicans, who do you think employers are going to hire?

  11. I’ve despised the son of bitch since he started hatin on America and whitey.. long time.
    But he gets a pass cuz he golfs with Farty and Farty don’t care cuz the Irish were immigrants to America and got shit on too… BUT we had NO WELFARE system at those times so GFY!!

    Also don’t forget that Paully Rodreeguest claimed back in the 90sa that messicans were flooding the country, taking our money, and taking THEIR country back!!!

  12. No. I doubt that anything changed. He just found out that self loathing hispanic comedy doesn’t sell as well as “blame whitey-Viva La Mexico” does Hollywood.

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