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  1. Thanks, Claudia!! I needed that.
    We need more of this kind of stuff to break up the continual drip of stuff that irritates us (royal us, since I can only speak to my thoughts, but can guess about others here)

  2. That dog better be careful, the cat was close enough to the family jewels he could have done some real damage if he was serious about biting that dumb dog.

  3. Claudia you’re a breath of fresh air. I needed that to clear out some of the other topics that tend to settle in. No offense to Fur and the crew, but sometimes the politics gets a little overwhelming and you have to take break.

    Don’t forget the variety – the contests, the agitprop, the silly off-the-wall, non-political threads that used to be a little more prevalent back in the early days, than what seems to be the case now. Just an observation, for whatever it’s worth.

  4. Ya kinda deserve who ya sleep with…no? Fleas and all…

    Sorta like pulling the covers over way toooo much.


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