Laughter and Tears Over The End of Mueller Investigation

The leftist media melted down hard last night with the revelations that there would be no further indictments from the now wrapped up Mueller investigation.

Mark Dice was there laughing at their tears. Watch


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  1. Boo Hoo!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. I was laughing all night long after watching madcow cry. This morning I woke up snickering and then laughed outloud again. MAGA

  3. The MSM and the Leftist leaders make and then live in an imaginary world, then they work hard to inflict it on the rest of us.

    Sadly, they’re supported in their fantasy world by half of the country.

    Something has to change this if we are to survive as a country that resembles anything close to what it has been in the past. You and I are the only ones that can make that change, and it seems to be like fighting an uphill battle to do it,

  4. Billy – Unfortunately we gave these Federal Tit-Sucking Shysters 25 million of our hard-earned, tax dollars to stand on the moral high ground! The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 66% of the world’s lawyers. 97% of the political contributions from the American Trial Lawyers Association go to the Democrat Party and 99% of these “lawyers” give the rest of ’em a bad name! It’s pretty obvious why we have pretzel-logic laws that wrap-around themselves contradicting others thereby creating confusion, obfuscation or what I call the new Communism of unnecessary over-reaching, over-bearing, job-killing regulation! Thanks a pant-load defecrats!

  5. TRG: What did Shakespeare say about all the lawyers? He had a dire fate for them in mind.

    Everyone of these deep state POS need to be on trial for the FISA warrant abuse. Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, and others should all serve long prison terms for that grotesque abuse of prosecutorial power…at least in a just world.

  6. The Left wanted an investigation (not really). They wanted indictments (really!).

    Just wait, ’cause they’re coming!!! And not the way envisioned. Get the Kleenex ready. Best show on Earth!

  7. Of course this is what we all hoped for, but I’m not throwing a party yet. The report has yet to be released to the public and right now we have no idea what innuendo and suppositiions have been built into it that would cause the Democrats to launch a follow-up investigation.

  8. Now that the left can’t scream and shout about obstruction, the President and the people in the DOJ and FBI who actually care about the integrate of their institutions are going to be pushing back hard against the corrupt in their own ranks.

    The tears have only started. A reckoning is coming for those the left lionized during the “investigation.”

  9. Another piece of the puzzle to think about….

    Liberals keep accusing Trump45 of being a white nationalist/supremacist….

    C’mon man…..Trump45 has a Jewish Son-in-Law, Jewish daughter, and Jewish grandchildren.


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