Laura Loomer FORCES TRUTH at Las Vegas Police Press Conference (VIDEO)

The F.B.I. has been forced by Laura Loomer to change their TIMELINE of the shooter’s stay at the Mandalay Bay. They now say

he registered on Sept 25th (instead of Sept 28) but now saying Paddock was not present on the earlier days. Laura Loomer has VALET RECEIPTS saying he was there!
What are the F.B.I. hiding? Why is it so important to the F.B.I. that Paddock not be placed at the Mandalay Bay between the 25th and 28th?

Why won’t the F.B.I. release VIDEO from the hotel? Are they tampering with evidence?

SEE THE PRESS CONFERENCE and LAURA LOOMER questioning FBI on the ground at Mandalay Bay.

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45 Comments on Laura Loomer FORCES TRUTH at Las Vegas Police Press Conference (VIDEO)

  1. And Steve Wynn blurted that no way would we allow a guest onto the service elevator without security what did I say that out loud?

    I can only hope that there’s a war for the truth inside the investigation, and truth will gain the upper hand. Well done Laura Loomer.

  2. Steve Wynn

    We allow no guns in our hotel, except for the illegals we hire as security. Yea, I won’t be going there anytime soon.

  3. So, the security guard as shot five minutes before the attack began.
    Multiple cell phones found in room.

    Most peculiar, momma. Strange days indeed.

  4. I would not say this was a little detail as the Sheriff claims. They made a big deal that how they knew where he was thanks to the security guard and it was also why they think he quit shooting. Now the guard was shot 6 minutes before he opened fire on people. Guard informed his security team, yet did not inform police?

    I’m sorry it’s sounding like the keystone cops or a huge coverup. Still makes no sense, if you don’t know when guard was shot, say that, don’t make up this big story and then say, “oops.”

    Sorry if you mess something like that up so bad, how the heck are people supposed to believe you when you say he acted alone?

  5. Plain Jane,

    I watched this a couple days ago. My personal opinion there were at least three shooters. One up top with an M60, two on the ground with suppressed M4s. One shooter on the ground was well within 130 yards. I’m not the only guy that’s familiar with these weapons systems that is saying this.

  6. I for one have never trusted the FBI, they kind of ended that many years ago. I still would like to believe you could trust locals. Hell, maybe the locals are afraid of shooting themselves in the back of the head.

    Why though they would have ever said the security guard stopped the shooting is beyond me and why they even admitted he was shot before the shooting is just as strange.

    I think I’ll be staying away from Vegas, heck I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing for years and staying away from large crowds and big cities.

  7. The huge thing that came out of the presser today was the change in the time the security guard was shot. That is enormous. It was originally stated that he was shot when he responded to the 32 floor in response to a door alarm at appx 1005 p.m. They said that the shooter saw him on his cameras he planted in the hallway and assumed the guard was coming for him in response to the gunfire.

    Astoundingly, the shooter fires 200 rounds into the hallway through the door and strikes the guard 6 times. We were told that minutes later the first group of officers arrived on 32 at appx 1009-1010 p.m. p.m. and the guard continued to help evacuate the adjoining rooms until a Cop insisted he go down and get medical help.

    The Sheriff stated today, under stress, that he warned us things could change, and he said that the guard was actually shot at 959 p.m., 6 MINUTES BEFORE the shooting out of the windows began. The Police arrived on the 32 floor at 1010 p.m. remains the same. He also maintained the guard immediately radioed to his dispatcher he had been shot.

    That means we must believe that from 959 until 1005 p.m., a six minute gap until any chaos began below, his fellow guards – many of them armed – and the uniformed Police working the hotel detail, the hotel EMS crew on site, ignored a confirmed guard shot in the hotel and never went t his aid. That is not believable. Imagine being a hotel guest on 31-32-33 floors and hearing 200 shots from an AR15. There must have been many calls to the desk and to 911.

    That 6 minutes until the outside shooting began would be an eternity for even the regular Police cars on the street and an ambulance to arrive at a strip hotel with a person shot inside let alone the security and Police already assigned inside on the premise. But we now are told the guard lay shot on the 32 floor for 11 minutes until the first officers arrived. That is not believable. According to the Sheriff, the hotels and LVMPD have direct radio contact on a seperate radio channel so they would have known at 959 or 1000 p.m. at the latest that there was a person shot six times on 32.

    This is impossible to believe. If the Police and guards made it up to 32 immediately they would have been on the floor at Paddocks door before he opened fire.

  8. Escape plan? As if it would be difficult to figure out who did it
    Twenty three weapons, all registered [which assumes, I’m afraid, the FBI is truthful about that] to Paddock, and his history in that town. Yeah, OK.

  9. Brad, if the guard was shot at 1005 or after, there would be at least a plausible explanation that the chaos underway drew the guards and Police outside or down to the lobby. But that didnt happen until six minutes later. It makes it impossible to figure out why nobody went to help the shot guard.

    The pathetic clown Special Agent Adam Rouse from the FBI is an absolute disgrace. He is a clown. If anybody thinks this joker is anything but a buffoon and boob I assure you are wrong. I get the feeling this Sheriff is at war with them behind the scenes but must be under a lot of pressure to follow the script. He looks like a POW with a gun to his head saying he is being treated magnificently.

  10. Also, they (somebody) released video of Paddock slip and fall in a hotel lobby and then later in the hotel basement EMS station from back in 2011 when he sued them. They found that.

    But they have not been able to burn a disc yet from a week ago and tell us exactly what happened, or at least partially what happened as it relates to Paddock and any other person that went into the room? Come on….

  11. Mike Brown

    Agreed. Here’s another one that sticks in my mind, and this is basic. Elementary. Some one posted here that “that room would look like an arc welder was going off”. That’s accurate. And yet nobody could identify the source of fire. There were a lot of vets there that were under fire. Nobody could figure it out. Who the hell said that anyway. You were on the money.

  12. @Plain Jane – I just watched that video of Mike Adams and his analysis and one omission on his part – a HUGE omission in my opinion – made his conclusion questionable. He was careful to point out early on that his time/range calculations were based on a very specific cartridge and barrel length. His omission was to consider that a different ammo/firearm combination would have different performance. Specifically, a slower bullet would seem to be fired at closer range because the time lag between bullet strike and rifle report would be less. (A bullet with an average velocity equal to the speed of sound would arrive with zero lag.)

    I’m not an expert. Adams convinced me he knows more than I do about acoustic analysis (very easy to believe!). But he blew it in making his argument to me. Maybe Brad or another knowledgeable commenter could chime in to tell me why I’m wrong.

  13. These are all questions you think the buffoon media would ask, if we are asking them why aren’t they? I also notice that this story, the largest massacre in American history by a gunman, is already becoming secondary news of the day. I notice the infrequent news briefs are attended by no-name unknown reporters. Where are the big dogs? Very odd.

  14. Uncle Al

    I can’t say your wrong. I base my opinions I’ve expressed here on cycle rate and the sound of the actions. Yes my ear is that good. It goes with my trade. FYI, the hits on the inch and a half thick fuel tanks were muzzle rise. I’ll guarantee there’s a bunch more in the dirt out on the run way. Another point, his actual range turns out to be 700 yards plus to the crowd. Do the math, 1 degree is a miss. Either low or way over the top. Like a lot of hotels floor one starts a couple stories up from the casino structure.

  15. Pinko,

    I don’t believe Campos was armed. Could be wrong. He had plenty of reason to be curious. Anything form screwed shut entrance points to wireless cameras. So the whack job shoots him first. As I understand it 2 minutes before he started raining terror down on young Trump voters. We know the rooms above and below him were occupied. These rooms are booked way out. Is it a jump to assume he had neighbors? Nobodies even asked that question. Even if it turns out to be above and below, where’s the call to security, 911, the damn front desk? None of this is logical.

  16. If Mike Adams had a recording from a moving mic his numbers would be off. Absent that, it is fairly elementary. Also heard about a smoke alarm that would certainly be time recorded leaving no doubt about the first firing. What are they hiding?

  17. This is starting to sound like a bucket list entry by a millionaire who turns out to be a patsy.

    Now where are the goddamn hallway recordings from the security cameras on his floor?

    Wanna bet there aren’t any?

  18. TY Uncle Al. I sent this out to my 5 different engineers tonight. Probably won’t hear from them for a few days.

    In the meantime, the FBI will tell us all were killed by an AR Airsoft with biodegradable ammo.

    Thank you for your input.

  19. I’m still very puzzled about his choice of firing position if he wanted to kill the maximum amount of people. That hotel room was far from an ideal location for the purpose. At the end of maximum effective range for that rifle and using a bump stock to queer the effectiveness even more.

  20. The real problem was that a lot of valuable time was wasted because neither the cops or the FBI took McClane’s calls for help seriously until he threw the body down on the cop’s car, and all Hell broke loose.

    I’m pretty sure that’s how it happened.

  21. No. The FBI and other spokesmen are not Sgt. Schultz – who knew nuthing , no thing.

    These guy are saying they know things, and are putting out wrong information.

    Why? Incompetence? Or on purpose to deceive the public?

  22. Paddock had to know he’d only get the chance to fire one or two rifles, plus a sidearm for his final shootout with the authorities. Why’d he bring all those other expensive weapons and ammunition when he knew he wouldn’t use them and he’d have to leave them all behind when he made a break for it? Seems like someone intended them to be found.

    He wasn’t READY to make a break for it – he didn’t clean the room of evidence that would lead directly to him like cell phones, ID’s, registered weapons, etc. He’d have no time to do all that once he stirred up the hornets nest by shooting the first shot. Wouldn’t you try to make it as difficult for the authorities as possible?

    He had a prostitute in his room. Did she see any weapons or anything else that would raise her suspicions? If not, when was the last time she was with him? After that would be when he brought up all the arms and ammo. If he carried everything in luggage, wasn’t there a lot of it or did he carry the same luggage in and out multiple times? Did he have help carrying it? Did anyone notice the luggage was heavier than expected?

    How did he plan to escape? Seems like that would be nearly impossible – only two ways to get out, elevators and stairs, and both would be closely monitored. His car was in the parking garage – how would he have gotten there and driven away? Where was he planning to go, and how was he planning to hide or change his identity?

    All of these questions are so stinking obvious.

    There was no “manifesto”, no declaration of why he did this… except for all the guns and ammo he took to the room so they’d be found no matter if he was killed or escaped. I think the guns are the reason for this whole thing – they distract from other news plus give an excuse to the gun grabbers. I very much doubt Paddock worked alone, if he was even the shooter – it could have been a third party with him already “Arkancided” before the whole thing started. I know that sounds like I’m a conspiracy nut but damn, how can we believe ANYTHING the FBI tells us?

  23. I would like someone to ask the FBI douche if Paddock still had a active federal security clearance from his days at Lockheed Martin.

  24. The FBI is slowly emerging as a criminal organization. Seems to me that all the alphabet agencies are criminal organizations, right along with the MSM. Criminal Authorities…… the enemy pretends to be the good guys. The exposure continues on the lawlessness of law enforcement at the federal level. The politicians are just as bad. Not to mention activist judges and lawyers. Seems to me that it is going to take more than just elections to reverse this.

  25. I know nothing about weapons or ballistics or trajectories, but I find the comments very though provoking and interesting. There really does seem to be a huge problem with the official storyline.

  26. If Pamela Geller is right, then the FBI is covering up the Moslem connection because the Feebs know that this could be the tipping point where America finally gets serious about its Moslem problem and deports every single one of these bastards back to the Third World shitholes they came from.


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