Laura Loomer kicked out of a Synagogue

MUST WATCH: Today in Plantation, FL at Temple Kol Ami, @AndrewGillum had me, A JEWISH WOMAN forcibly removed from the SYNAGOGUE while I was peacefully waiting for the event to begin.

Gillum wants to be the next Governor of #Florida, but we don’t want another Hitler! @RepDeSantis

UNREAL. Anti-Israel Democrat Andrew Gillum Has Jewish Reporter Laura Loomer Tossed from a Synagogue


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8 Comments on Laura Loomer kicked out of a Synagogue

  1. Entitled, uneducated, stupid, racist, deluded and mental illness? This rube endorsed by Hillary thinks he has a chance.

  2. Huh. What do Jewish citizens of the United States really want? Americans are curious.

    Laura, what is next for you now that you have been cast out by the Tribe? The Messiah is curious.

  3. Just curious but does this fraud travel with his own set of styrofoam greek columns?
    He’s trying to resurrect a con game on the public that soured the first time.

  4. Looking at the sparse crowd in the background as she was being “escorted” out, I wonder if the hype surrounding the great Black fraud’s winning in the polls is as phony.

  5. It’s ironic that most Jews always side with/vote for the people who hate them the most, and would do them the most harm.


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