Laura Loomer Reporting From Tent City Minnesota

Refugee Somalians get priority over native Americans in Democrat-ruled Minneapolis.

7 Comments on Laura Loomer Reporting From Tent City Minnesota

  1. Yes but no. So now two dependent groups, one arguably “more entitled” (???) to welfare, are competing for the government to take care of them. Democrat mess.

  2. We have an entire Vacant City called Salton City California that could be used for many of our refugee problems and it Drains to Mexico, we can get the Somalis in right after the Caravan has built their Palappa homes on the shoreline. We will wall it for the safety of Our Constitution. Oh yeah it averages 105 to 125 in the Summer

  3. Loomers a real journalist. I love following her on Twitters. It’s like a non stop ride. At the same time I’m not sure she’s “Happy”. If not, I hope she finds happiness.

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