Lauren Boebert Is Fired Up After Blowout Win – IOTW Report

Lauren Boebert Is Fired Up After Blowout Win


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  1. Any congress critter that both acknowledges and invokes God’s hand in our destiny and proclaims a love of country and a proclamation of its inherent greatness, well, that person is someone to get behind and support.

    Living in the land of the heathen, I have never been in a position to genuinely like, respect, or support my congressman. To have my rep actually share my values, now I’m just dreaming.

  2. Clueless & brainless the whole nine yards, maybe if your a good boy see will let you kiss it. Blowout more like a blow hard.

  3. Jamie

    I guess you couldn’t see either. Probably your boy friends sack banging you in the face was a distraction. The “E’ is like a long ways from the “H’ loser.

  4. Why are you guys picking on some jealous skirt? It’s so obvious. She can’t spell. She can’t hide her unfounded bitterness. Jamie is such a skirt I’d say she’s a lil’ bitch.

    Why hate on some hobbit chick you’ve never even met? What has she done to you to elicit such bile and hatred? Nothing.


    Jamie is a lil’ jealous bitch.


    Now. Watson, fetch me my Persian slipper from atop the mantelpiece. I’m in the mood for a good smoke while I prepare this 7% solution.


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