Law Enforcement Officials Warn Obama: Locals May Turn On Anti-Pipeline Protesters

DC:  North Dakota law enforcement officials, who have been dealing with violent anti-pipeline protesters, accused President Obama of willfully ignoring their requests for help and warned that fed-up local groups are preparing to take matters into their own hands against the protesters.

Morton County, N.D. Sheriff Kyle L. Kirchmeier  sent a letter to Obama Friday stating that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ recent decision not to grant a permit for a portion of the Dakota Access Pipeline “has done nothing to ease the tension or alleviate the potential for more violence.”

Kirchmeier wrote that he has asked the White House multiple times for “financial assistance and additional manpower” to “respond to the increasingly dangerous situation developing on federal land owned by the Corps.”

So far, local law enforcement agencies have been the only ones handling the protests against the pipeline.
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  1. This is a liberal approved protest, fitting their standard “shutdown anything that will help America” agenda. To me the way the Fed is handling the ND situation is just proof that the Feds intentionally created the situation leading to LaVoy Finicums murder.

  2. Keep calling the over taxed-paying, hard-working, average American, just trying to survive putting food on the table and raise a family while paying out the ass for Obamadontcare Homophobes, Xenophobes, Bigots, Racists and Ignorant, uneducated hicks who are living in denial of Global Warming and yeah, there’s gonna be a problem!
    We got yer number Snowflakes. Stop the Agenda-Driven Bullshit!

  3. Apparently the pipeline company says they are going to drill anyway. The lake is behind a dam on the Missouri river.

    I don’t get it. The Indian Chief says they are going to stay there until every pipeline in the country is taken out.

    Isn’t this protest sorta like the Bundy takeover of the national park building? A man was assassinated over that.

  4. I’m involved with a lawsuit concerning a YUGE international gas pipeline that is proposed to run about 150 feet from my bedroom window and about 15 feet from my spring, my only source of water. A couple hundred local residents banded loosely together to fight the project peacefully and legally in court, based solely on property rights issues. Few if any are tree-hugging Gaia-loving activists; no one is calling for the pipeline to be denied; we’re just simple property owners who see better ways to run this pipeline that routing it through cities, past schools, through neighborhoods, past churches and businesses. Apparently, though we have great court support in our county, FERC and the gas transmission company could care less about our concerns. Letters and phone calls to local, state, and federal representatives largely go unanswered. A quick look at these politicians’ campaign contribution records show why: they’ve all (Rep and Dem) been tainted with tens of thousands of dollars of oil and gas money each.

    It’s been a long, expensive, frustrating fight. A couple weeks ago my loving leftie wife gushed to me about some local activists who were loading a supply truck and heading for Standing Rock. My response was “fuck them.” They’ll drive all the way to ND for their 15 minutes of fame, while a pipeline in their own back yard goes unnoticed. A pal at work said to me “All you need to get the pipeline rerouted is to have three thousand Sioux in your back yard.”

    I found out about 30 minutes ago that our legal team and a couple of the organizing outfits have now aligned with Standing Rock and other patchouli-laced groups. For the first time in over two years of fighting, our little piece of the pipeline pie is now national news.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. We, locally, have driven our arguments long and hard based only on the letter of law and the bundle of rights assured to property owners by the US and state constitutions. Media coverage is a powerful tool, and we can use all the help we can get. However, when it comes to climate-change vomiting earth worshippers bent on violence, I have to draw the line. It may make things worse for us overall; right now we residents have the support of local law enforcement. A sudden ingress of wanna-be Bolsheviks could turn that support against us.

    Things are gonna get reeeeeal interesting this spring.

  5. I’d love to see the protesters scalps hanging from streetlights, along with the dismembered corpses scattered around their protest camp.

  6. @ Zonga – No, Standing Rock is not like Mulheur.
    At Mulheur, the BLM was trying to push out ranchers/farmers and confiscate the land (part of the 20% Uranium HRC sold to the Russia). While it is “public land”, the ranchers have grazing and farming rights they have paid for that go back 100 yrs. It played out like the Scooby Doo cartoons (thus I have dubbed it “being scroobied”) just as the libs have done in Klamath Falls, San Joaquin Valley, & elsewhere: Make it hard for the current occupants so they leave and then swoop in for pennies on the dollar. Congressman Walden even took the BLM to task for violating the law they had agreed to. And no property was destroyed, in spite of how the libs spin it.
    At Standing Rock, the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline runs just north of the Standing Rock Reservation, not on their land. The Army Corps of Engineers had purchased the land from David Meyer. David Meyer also had purchased grazing rights from the CoE, the very land where the protesters have set up camp, thus denying David of his rights. Protesters have also climbed fences and destroyed hard to replace & expensive heavy equipment.
    In short – YUGE FRICKIN DIFFERENCE! (yes, after typing all of that I am yelling, but not at you. We’re cool, I like the majority of your posts.)

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