‘Law & Order’ Writer Fired For Defending Law And Order Amidst Violent Riots

“Law and Order” writer and producer Craig Gore was fired from the show Tuesday after pledging on social media to defend law and order.

On Monday, Gore posed with a rifle in his doorway for a Facebook post warning protestors in the comments, “Sunset is being looted two blocks from me. You think I wont light mother*****s up who are trying to f*** w/ my property I worked all my life for? Think again…” MORE

SNIP: Honestly. How many more damn Law & Order spin-offs do they need?

17 Comments on ‘Law & Order’ Writer Fired For Defending Law And Order Amidst Violent Riots

  1. …he’s a White guy? I’m surprised they even HIRED him, then, unless he’s gay or somehow related to Biden…

  2. The Sacramento Kings have had an announcer since they moved here, Grant Napier, who I never liked much, made the mistake of posting “All Lives Matter” on his Twitter account. Every black player they’ve ever had demanded he resign. He’s gone.

  3. No, all lives do not matter.

    Only white lives matter. And if i owned a business, i would immediately fire anyone who said differently.

  4. “Law and Order”?
    More like “unLawful and disOrderly”
    I quit watching any of that franchise years back when I started paying close attention and realized the civil rights of the “suspected criminals” that they were trampling on, just to “get their man”.

  5. Dick Wolf likes to pretend he’s a conservative but when the money meets his scruples the cash always wins. I remember when the Law and Order SVU was being planned Wolf wanted to call it Law and Order Rape Squad until cooler heads talked him down. He’s ust another Hollywood douchebag.

  6. Toxic, I used to watch it, too. That is, until I got so tired of every woman was holy and every man was evil. The show has turned into one massive virtue signal.

  7. Hey, Benito. That young man, C.J. Pearson has been on the scene as a conservative influencer for awhile. He’s grown up. I think he struggled with being conservative after all the attention he received. Glad to see, he’s back.

  8. Rich Hollywood Jews are the biggest motherfuckers on Earth, period, a bunch of coke snorting psychotic assholes partying away while doing everything they can to burn the rest of the world down to the ground.

  9. Can not stand the show anymore.

    They should re-name it: Mariska Hargitay’s Angry Hero Vagina Show

  10. Looks like the motherf***ers found another way to f**k with his property. Sorry dude. You lie down with dogs…


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