Law School Wants To Remove Mural Depicting the FREEING of Slaves – IOTW Report

Law School Wants To Remove Mural Depicting the FREEING of Slaves

There is no pleasing people who look for ways to be offended.

They wake up in the morning thinking of ways to be an asshole. That’s why it’s called being “woke.”


18 Comments on Law School Wants To Remove Mural Depicting the FREEING of Slaves

  1. I would support removing the mural as well.

    Not sure what history book the painting is based on….but I obviously missed the chapter about tall skinny green corn people freeing the slaves.

    Sounds’ like a cool story though.

  2. ^^^^ What Planet is that with the Blue & white stripes and are they lizard people from the movie “They Live”? ^^^^

  3. Willy, there’s a giant spinning circular saw blade flyin’ through the air.

    The giant green corn people need to duck.

  4. What would be double “woke” is if the mural portraying the freeing of blacks, was painted by a black artist.

  5. …setting aside the Vogons or whatever Aaron’s “corn people” are, I’ve worked with Black people entire adult life, American Blacks and actual African Blacks from Africa, from the Horn of Africa to the Ivory Coast, with stops in the middle for Rwanda, Congolese (BOTH Congos), Niger (that’s THEIR spelling, don’t cancel me) Kenya, Ghana…just about everywhere consonants are jammed together just as thickly as the people, and you know what?

    The Black people don’t look like that, either.

    Not a fan of cancel culture by any means…but on the whole, that wall probably WOULD look much less stupid if you just rolled a nice Glidden’s high-hide beige over it and forgot about the J.J. Walker “Good Times” original underneath…

  6. The tall skinny green corn people are trying to free the brown, ass balloon people. Look at that one guy. Chained by the ankle to keep his butt balloon from lifting him into the air.

    All this painting lacks is a yellow submarine.

  7. And “these people” think they’re educated?!?!?

    Martin Luther King must be disavowed for the sake of the alphabet people! He believed homosexuality was a mental illness in the black community. HE”S GOTTA GO!
    No Mo MLK day
    No Mo celebrating MLK. Get Woke! LMAO!


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