Lawsuit Against Facebook Given Green Light By Federal Judge

Facebook has been trying to get this lawsuit dismissed. Yesterday they received the bad news – they could lose billions of dollars in a class action suit because of an Illinois state law.


A U.S. federal judge ruled on Monday that Facebook Inc must face a class action lawsuit alleging that the social network unlawfully used a facial recognition process on photos without user permission.

Facebook users sued in 2015, alleging violations of an Illinois state law about the privacy of biometric information.

The class will consist of Facebook users in Illinois for whom Facebook created and stored facial recognition algorithms after June 7, 2011, Donato ruled. That is the date when Facebook launched “Tag Suggestions,” a feature that suggests people to tag after a Facebook user uploads a photo.

In the U.S. court system, certification of a class is typically a major hurdle that plaintiffs in proposed class actions need to overcome before reaching a possible settlement or trial.



12 Comments on Lawsuit Against Facebook Given Green Light By Federal Judge

  1. “Tag Suggestions” FFS. I am CONSTANTLY shutting that off. It’s not just that, you can tag the photos with someone’s name, people who you don’t know [friend of a friend] can tag it, too.

    I’m sure that,eventually, Zuckernerd is going to apply user-fees for all these ‘neat tricks’.

    I’m just waiting for the word so I can punch out. lol

  2. Spectacular news! He admitted to Congress that yes, there’s a leftward-bent but after all, Silicon Valley is filled with Communists (my words) but, but, but…. Watched his smirks and arrogance and wondered, is there no end to his self-love?? Well now, maybe there is.

  3. I noticed right after that PO💩 and his minions put me in jail for 24 hours for posting a HARMLESS HOGG MEME IN A THREAD IN A “SECRET” AND “CLOSED” group things started to go South for Fascistbook. I’m not taking credit but the timing of it all makes me happy! Someone who used to be close to me tried to physically harm me twice because of misplaced anger (Sad!) a few years back (Don’t worry. I held my own with only my index finger in their face.) and now their life is in the crapper. Merely cause and effect. Has happened whenever I’ve been unjustly wronged. Mess with Manderin and God takes care of the rest.

  4. I wonder if the plaintiffs might be able to use some leverage to get FB to agree to stop censoring conservatives as part of a settlement? Would be nice if it could happen but I’m not overly optimistic…

  5. AT&T’s lawyers wrote the law making it “illegal” for AT&T to pass around customer information without a valid warrant. The law they handed Congress for “approval” (we know, we know… can’t know what’s in it, until you pass it), made them liable for a few dollars per incident, prix fixe. Along comes the “PATRIOT” act (acting all patriotic), and AT&T volun-phreaking-tears to just bug everybody, and give The Party a free Party line. Of course, The Party can’t turn down a “freebie” (that is an actual, prosecutable, “crime”). AT&T gets caught (by yet another treasonous, before we had Russian, “leaker”). And, the total fine was? (Explicitly approved by Congress, you know the Congress that is trying to “save” The Country from “insolvency”.) “Fugged-about-it! Yous been goot boyz.”

    Who’s gonna’ hold the money for the Facebook pool? National facial recognition database. Even covering people who’d rather not smile for the “totally honest, totally local, we take ‘our’ citizens security vuury seriously” state level apparatchiks. I’m putting my money down on “Fugged-about-it! Yous been goot boyz.” Who’s next?


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