Lawsuit Filed Today Accusing Government of Hiding More Than 45,000 Dead Americans from the Jab

Via reader Emanon-

These links are eye opening:

Thomas Renz // Renz Law

His entire firm is dedicated to fighting for “Medical Freedom.” They work closely with Frontline Docs.

45K DEATH COUNT FROM COVID SHOT LAWSUIT — Copy of Complaint and Whistleblower Declaration

PDF of whistleblower affidavit:

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  1. This is good too. Stew Peters interviews Dr. Jane Ruby. These two do good work. Stew Peters could be a star in the making. In this Dr. Ruby describes why some people seem to have no problem with the jab, while others actually die from it. Turns out there is varying amounts of active ingredients, the manufacturers know by batch and lot numbers who has received what. We are truly guinea pigs, that is if you have taken the jab.

  2. Goddamn hospital where I work just notified everybody today that all employees are to have the Covid-19 vaccination by November 1. I immediately emailed the CEO to thank him for allowing me the time to look for employment elsewhere, and that I am not going to be a test animal for anyone, nor would I allow anyone to tell me that I HAVE to get a vaccination that has not been approved by the FDA, has not been thoroughly tested, has unknown side effects, and no one responsible legally or financially if the jab kills or incapacitates me.

    Surprisingly, I got a response stating all the bullshit numbers that the Gov is spouting.

    Fuck Banner Health

  3. JMV
    The Nuremberg Code (1947)
    1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

    Why aren’t the Vaccine companies advertising on TV?
    They would have to list the side effects.

  4. Biden admin shuts down the VAERS site in 3-2-1. They shut down anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. So, why not that next?

  5. A lot of People are receiving the Placebo…Can’t have Everyone dying at once.


    They’re also lying about the Number of Peeps vaxx-ed.

  6. When the Government kills its own People . And says they will kill more, It is time to Exercise the 2nd Amendment and Replace the Tyranny with We the People once again. An Armed Insurrection is the only way since the Ballots didn’t reflect our voices. In My opinion.

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