Lawyers for migrant caravan members give them stark advice: ‘It’s going to be difficult’

The park here hosting some 7,000 migrants looks like something out of a renaissance fair, with dozens of small tents giving away shoes or offering a host of services, like dental work, medical care, telephones, haircuts, food and, perhaps the most important product – legal advice.

A line began to form Tuesday outside the Institute for Women in Migration before a 10 a.m. seminar. A dozen men formed a circle around U.S. attorney Anna Joseph when she began to speak.

“We are telling them it’s going to be difficult,” she said. ”We’re telling them this administration is not amenable to asylum right now, so even though many have legitimate claims, they’re going to be up against a very tough system at the moment due to orders from above.”

“Above” means President Trump. It’s ironic, some say, that a group diametrically opposed to the president’s immigration policies is indirectly helping make his case.

Trump wants the caravan to turn around, promising to unleash military assets and potentially amend asylum laws to stop their entry. Yet, Joseph’s advice is the first concrete, straight-forward and honest assessment of the situation many received in weeks.

After hearing some of the migrants’ individual stories, Joseph suggested some might reconsider their dreams of living in the U.S.  more here

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