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LAX Loses Power For an Hour Showing the Limits of an All-Electric Future

RedState: The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) suffered a power outage on Wednesday afternoon. The outage was brief, first reported around 2:30 p.m., then resolved within an hour – around 3:30 p.m. Most of the terminals were impacted, and operations such as TSA screenings came to a screeching halt.

You cannot scan Real IDs and passports, nor can you do electronic frisking for weapons when your equipment has no power. Go figure.

According to FlightAware, by 3:15, there were 140 delays and 64 cancelations. Whether these were a result of the power outage is yet to be revealed. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) came in to resolve the issue and took to Twitter to assure that it was not due to any rolling blackouts. MORE

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  1. Can’t even buy food when the Cash Registers go offline, even if they have a calculator handy. Not Allowed.
    Probably Tax reasons.

  2. -19 deg. C in T.O. (-2.2F)

    I just got off a roof after fixing a NATTY GAS rooftop furnace.
    Before the repair there was Ice on the inside windows.

    A heat pump does FUCK ALL below 0 deg C

  3. Back- up generators & batteries would go on-line to handle necessary flight equipment- tower, radios, ILS systems, airport survelience radar, etc. I don’t know what if anything would be backing up the terminal services.

  4. The proletariat’s future doesn’t include air travel! Jayssuss! It doesn’t include any personal travel of any consequence. Anyone report any new major power generating installations being built at this time? No? And, of course nukes are out of the question.

    We are being scammed by some fundamentally evil people. They will not stop voluntarily, in fact they probably won’t stop without a fight. We need individually to be considering this most unfortunate circumstance.

  5. LA + Orange Counties have experienced intermittent blackouts since Christmas.

    when – Brea, Carson or Sunset
    Beach have no power it is “no biggie”. LAX its a biggie.
    But no backkup generators?

    SCE and DWP have told us these “outages” will continue.

    I hears PG+E in No Cal is doing the same thing.

    Of course we don’t need the nuclear plants! of course the oil generating plants should run at 40% capacity. OF COURSE


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