Lay off the cosmetic surgery, Joe

Patriot Retort:
Holy socks.  How much cosmetic surgery has Joe Biden undergone in the last two years?

Seeing as I would rather perform a do-it-yourself colonoscopy than watch a Democrat debate, the only news I got about last night’s CNN/NYT hosted event I got from Twitter.

And the very first tweet I saw was this screen shot of Joe Biden:

17 Comments on Lay off the cosmetic surgery, Joe

  1. Whatever it takes to keep Joe in the race!

    Glue, straps, string, rubber bands, fishing line, bungie cord, velcro, coat hangers, tongue depressors, popsicle sticks, clothes pins, pipe cleaners, Q-tips, band-aids, electrical tape, scotch tape, duct tape, barbwire, hog fence, chicken wire, polyurethane foam, epoxy, and yes, even Stay Afloat!

    Whatever it takes, Joe, go for it! We don’t want Joe gone!

  2. “Joe, the Stay Afloat® (above) is for plugging up leaky holes. But don’t put any in your mouth, Joe.”


    “Joe’s plugged up.”

  3. Jimmy, how many Trump team members will have to be surveilled, investigated, indicted and predawn-raided by the IC, just to keep Joe in the race?

  4. It’s a coup/war, Thirdtwin. I can’t predict the future. But, Biden, Warren and Sanders are splitting up their party in a wonderful fashion, and that’s a good thing, imo. Besides, if Biden dropped out, I’d have to stop making stuff up about the lying sack of bilge rags.

  5. I was watching a video of him saying he was the only one on stage who beat the NRA and got assault rifles off the street.
    Apparently all his cosmetic surgery has made him lose his memory. The demoncrats got their ass handed to them on a silver platter.

  6. Joe is more like Sam Lowry in the movie Brazil living his delusional fantasy of being the hero battling the evil bureaucratic state envisioned as a samurai warrior. Soon to be interrogated by Jack at the Ministry of Information and lose his mind when faced with reality. Oh wait, his mind is already lost, gone aay to his happy place.

  7. How recently was the procedure done I wonder? (And how long is the recovery time?)

    Because Joe’s skin looks FRESHLY stretched. 🤔

  8. Joe: Great facelift Doc, but can you get rid of these two moles on my neck?

    Doc: You’re skinks tight enough! Those aren’t moles they are your nipples.

  9. @willygoat – hilarious!

    Still cracking up…yes still ‘4 minutes later’ and LAUGHING OUT LOUD.


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