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Radio channel surfing in the car sometimes leads to NPR, and you hear a snippet of some ridiculous lefty story.

This segment of sanctimony was particularly amusing.

After the Vegas shooting a guy name Dickmann began eyeing his AR-57. He began feeling uneasy about owning one.

“It’s not hurting anyone sitting in my gun safe, ” he thought.

But after the Florida school shooting, his mind was made up. The AR was the problem and he decided to turn his gun in to the police, putting the dick in Dickmann.

Naturally, he wrote about it on Facebook. And naturally, this asinine posturing went viral.


On the challenge to give up his AR-57

Actually, one of my friends on Facebook rather sarcastically said, well, if you really feel this way, why don’t you go turn in your gun at Broward Sheriff’s Office? I’ll even drive you. And that’s what spurred me to think. Even though he was being extremely sarcastic about it because he’s a very staunch conservative, gun rights activist person, it kind of spurred me to say, you know what? Yeah, I’ll do that.

On what he plans to do next

For me, to be honest, I’m not sure. It’s a lot to process, and nothing that I had this grand master plan going into this for. So I’m happy that this sparked a debate and hopefully causes some action. I hope somebody – be it the students, be it the next generation – picks up the torch and does something.

The Daily Dot- 

“No one without a law enforcement badge needs this rifle. This rifle is not a ‘tool’ I have use for. A tool, by definition makes a job/work easier. Any ‘job’ i can think of legally needing doing can be done better by a different firearm,” Dickmann wrote. “I enjoyed shooting this rifle immensely but I don’t need it, I have other types I can shoot for the same enjoyment.”

He concluded the post with a jab at the American political system, which has broadly failed to pass and enact any meaningful gun control reform despite calls for such after each of the many majormass shootings in recent years.

“If our law makers will continue to close their eyes and open their wallets, I will lead by example,” he wrote. ‘


Hey Dickmann. If you think your gun might be used in a mass shooting, you need to turn YOURSELF into the police, not your gun.


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  1. “He will lead by example”!!! That sound like a threat. Somebody needs to call the police and FBI and send them his tweets or whatever and let them know he has an AR-57 so they can approach in the interview properly.

  2. If my rifle started imposing itself on my mind I’d probably get rid of it, too.

    See, the mental acuity of the rifle is greater than the mental acuity of the owner. In other words, he’s dumber than a chunk of metal.
    Good. Anyone that fuckin stupid shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.
    No one dumber than his gun should have a gun.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “I enjoyed shooting this rifle immensely but I don’t need it, I have other types I can shoot for the same enjoyment.”

    Eff you, poser. You’re all the same…

    “Kerry was asked if he gave back the Bronze Star, Silver Star and three Purple Hearts he was awarded for combat duty as a Navy lieutenant in Vietnam. “Well… I gave back the others,” he said…”I’m proud of my medals. I always was proud of them,” Kerry told Jennings in December, adding that he had only thrown away his “ribbons” and the medals of two other veterans who could not attend the protest.”


  4. Though I hadn’t admitted this to myself earlier, it was perhaps inevitable that the very first thing I did when I brought the gun home and was alone with it was to put it in my mouth. Unloaded at first, then loaded (which may account for my difficulty loading the magazine). I danced around this ritual for a long time, several hours in fact, but I knew I had to get up close to it. This was the step beyond the drive-by, beyond the parking, beyond the browsing. This was brinkmanship with the part of myself that insists my existence has no value, that things will never improve.


    Goddamn progs are pretty much predictable in their neuross regarding inanimate objects control over them.

  5. Locally our Fire Department holds an annual Crab Feed and raffle to raise money for different causes. It was this week end. Guess what they were raffling off. No, it was an AR 15. Two woman walked out in disgust and called a Sacramento New Station, I assume in an attempt to stop the raffling off of this killing machine. Most people up here in the Foothills like their guns a lot. Including our fire department so these women and the News People were ignored. But it did create some entertainment on their FB page.

    Some Dumb shit prolific poster writes,

    “Explain why ours is the only first world nation with this problem and you can tell me why guns are not the problem.”

    So I answered with

    “By your logic we should let the shooters go and put the gun on trial. Your thinking is emotional.”


    “That you could come to that conclusion based on what I’ve written leads me to believe your thinking is non existent.”

    ” You said it, “Guns are the problem”. And that spoon is the reason you’re fat.”

    I checked her page. She is fat. No reply.

  6. Weren’t a bunch of New Yorkers killed by a truck a few months back?
    Trucks kill people.
    Shouldn’t this guy turn in his Silverado?

  7. “Naturally, he wrote about it on Facebook. And naturally, this asinine posturing went viral”.

    There in a nutshell…..posturing pissants, sniveling snitpusses, attention starved self loathing dolts on their social media soap boxes.

  8. I hope somebody – be it the students, be it the next generation – picks up the torch and does something.

    Does WHAT, exactly? What law that isn’t already on the books would help solve your perceived problem?

    Be specific. And be Constitutional.

  9. I wonder if the sanctimonious jackass knows that when he turns it in it will be taken by one of the cops for his personal collection. Thanks sucker!

  10. So, What is he going to do in response to all those muslims raping European women? He has to cut off his meat & vegs or he is a hypocrite.

  11. You know, this is probably just a bizarre coincidence, but if I were a Leftist attempting to guilt a lot of gun owners into giving up their firearms, I would pull a stunt exactly like this.

  12. AR 57 shoots a 5.7×28mm round

    It is an oddball kind of arrangement, I suppose it was developed so as to give a guy with a 5.7 handgun the option of having a shoulder fired weapon and a handgun a common round. In the case of a Marlin 1894 and a Blackhawk it makes sense to me to have a 357 or 44 setup that can use the same cartridge in a pinch. This thing is ballistically more or less a 22 Hornet on a rimless case so for a guy to shoot rockchucks or prairie dogs and wants to have a common cartridge for long gun and handgun it might be a good fit. It is pretty anemic though for anything else.

  13. The dude is not disarming because he admits he has other guns. Guns plural. That’s like saying I have six airplanes I use for skydiving, and I’m turning one of them in because it has too many engines. Ain’t I grand?

  14. Apparently unimpressed by his sensitive side, his long time girlfriend broke the news that it was time for both of them to see other men.

  15. If they want the second amendment abolished, how much respect do you think they’ll show for the other protections?

  16. I just can’t read that crap. It would be like watching a guy masturbate. Who gives a great big steaming pile of 💩?

  17. “No one without a law enforcement badge needs this rifle” …needs. NEEDS!!!
    Like the imbecile Governor of NY’s infamous speech: “Nobody needs more than 7 bullets to kill a DEEEEEEEEEER!”
    And the morons who voted for him cheered, “Yay!! Take our freedoms away!!!
    Liberals are always appointing themselves fascist dictators who decree what YOU need based on what they feel they do NOT need. No wonder they fawn over communist tyrants and their sisters.

  18. @BBrad & JDHasty ~ you are both correct … so basically, this guy really didn’t give up more than a ‘curiosity’ in which he readily admits that he has other guns that do a better job than this piece … probably bolt-action .22 or .17 mags, or for more fire-power, AR-15 variants

    sanctimonious bullcrap

  19. Two comments:
    1) That’s one more firearm liable to dissappear unto the black market.

    2) Dickmann? Sometimes the jokes write themselves.


    17 HMR on an AR platfrom is a bad ass gun. Plus it’s Rimfire so it escapes many “Assault Weapon” laws.

  21. Not really tough to unload the oddball caliber gun, especially the tepid round. For years I tried to stick with .30-06, but dang-it, there are just too many fun and efficient rounds….

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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