Lead Juror In Roger Stone Case Ran For Congress As A Democrat In 2012

Her Twitter feed shows dozens of references to Trump, many of them links to negative stories about the Republican. In a Twitter post on Aug. 19, 2017, Hart quoted a tweet referring to Trump as the “#KlanPresident,” in an apparent reference to the KKK.


  • The foreperson on Roger Stone’s jury ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2012, it was revealed Wednesday. 
  • Tomeka Hart revealed her role on the jury in a Facebook post defending four prosecutors who quit the Stone case in protest over a revision to the Trump confidante’s recommended prison sentence. 
  • Hart’s social media activity shows she closely followed the special counsel’s Russia investigation, and frequently posted negative stories about President Donald Trump.


10 Comments on Lead Juror In Roger Stone Case Ran For Congress As A Democrat In 2012

  1. An example of what scum we’re dealing with. Knowing her deep prejudice she still decides to sit on a jury to assess the guilt of someone she politically disagrees with.
    He never stood a chance facing that monkey trial.

  2. She might have gotten away with it had she not had to publicly stand up for the 4 stalwart prosecutors who resign and then she gave that interview to the Mempiss Commercial Appeal.

    That’s when ppl started looking over her FB posts showing what a biased, leftwing Democrat for public office she had been and her numerous statements during the trial.

    If they can subpoena her search histories, this will get thrown out if she started looking up definitions of legal terms or news about the case not admitted in court.

  3. Jury of your peers…prove a democrat is the same as a republican. Didn’t we just go though an impeachment where political divides were clearly apparent???

  4. …again, this is a severe failure on the part of Stone’s attorney that he didn’t kick this chick off the jury. Even if she lied her way out of the voir dire, if you as a lawyer don’t use your preemptory challenges to kick all the ‘Tomeka’s off your REPUBLICAN client’s jury, you’re either derelict or bought because you’re DAMN sure not doing your JOB…

  5. @Supernightshade: I believe Stone’s attorney did try to throw this woman off the jury, but was denied by the corrupt judge.

  6. ^^^you don’t have to give a reason for preemptory challenges, so unless his lawyer already used them, that’s a mistrial right there…


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