Leader of Greek Island Community Warns Residents Angry Over Migration May Take Law ‘Into Their Own Hands’


The leader of the community of Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos has called on the government to do more to deal with the escalating tensions due to the migrant crisis, warning that citizens may try and take the law “into their own hands.”

The leader of the community in Moria, Nikos Trakellis, entered his third day on hunger strike on Wednesday when he revealed that the tensions caused by the influx of asylum seekers to Lesbos since 2015 were escalating dramatically, Greek newspaper Proto Thema reports.

“This does not go any further,” Trakellis said, adding: “From 2015 we live through the constant destruction of our village,” and that the sanitary facilities on the island were not able to handle the influx of migrants living at the camp in Moria.

“The sewage is poured into the nearby torrents and ends up in the sea passing through our property. Garbage everywhere, dirt and mosquitoes. Every concept of life in the village has been destroyed in regards to health and safety,” he said.  more here

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  1. Is he on a hunger strike to prove something or because all the sewage from the muzzies is running through the streets and he can’t eat the food due to the chit?

  2. Can the government leaders that allowed this to happen – that caused this – explain to their people how they benefit from this sudden mass influx of diversity?
    Answer: No

    I feel so sorry for the Europeans that had this crap foisted on them.
    I am so thankful for President Trump changing the dialogue around immigration.

  3. I know that G H W Bush visited Lesvos as the guest of a wealthy Greek shipowner a month after my young family vacationed there in 1996.

    That he is an arrogant, evil, globalist that could conspire with his fellow elitists to allow such damage to such a beautiful island inhabited by wonderful people makes me hope he dies painfully from a fully blocked colon. And a head-first fall down a granite staircase.

  4. In America…You have saying…”The Shoe is on the other foot”

    In My beloved Greece..We say “The D*ck will be in the other Ass”

  5. Lesbians are going to take the law into their own hands? I thought it should be past tense.

  6. They will have to rise up and
    kill all of them.Just like we will
    have to do one day…

  7. realize this … the West is under siege for the first time since 1529 .. & before that the rape of Constantinople in 1453

    Europe is being conquered from within by their so-called ‘leaders’, who have sold them out for the promise of power … just like the ‘progressives’ in the US

    … there is going to come a time, soon, where we will be asked ‘where do you stand?’ … do you join?, acquiesce? … or stand?

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