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Leaders In Trans Movement Recommend a New Tack


Advocates for the transgender ideology are admitting they cannot persuade their own progressive allies, or even “persuadable” swing voters, to back their revolutionary goal of suppressing Americans’ recognition of sex differences.

“Right now, our opposition wins the debate on trans youth in sports against any and all arguments we have tried for our side,” admits a “Messaging Guide” by the California-based Transgender Law Center. More

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  1. You freaks have had your 15 minutes of exposure (which was 14 minutes too long), now slither back into the closet for another 100 years.

  2. Throw yourself in front of a train.
    Don’t jump perpendicular or with the general direction of the train.
    Run a bit towards it.
    I recommend about 145-160 degrees of angle, and don’t forget to open up your arms a bit.
    You don’t want to bounce or skip of the locomotive.

    Your goal should be a Hard Splat with some chunks stuck deep into the front grille.


    You CAN do it!

  3. How was it going to work at all when they can’t recognize themselves for who they are, but require me to recognize them for who they aren’t?

  4. Mental illness trying to legitimize itself, to the detriment of itself.

    Keep your crazy to yourself, the world has enough troubles to contend with right now.

  5. “How was it going to work at all when they can’t recognize themselves for who they are, but require me to recognize them for who they aren’t?”

    Brilliant. You need a handle here so we can recognize you (for who you are 🙂 ). (Unless, of course, you keep posting wise sentences like that and then we’ll just imagine it’s you again.)

  6. This paragraph makes no sense whatsoever:

    “ Nationwide, fewer than one percent of people describe themselves as transgender, and less than ten percent undergo cosmetic surgery of the genitalia.”

    So there are people out there who don’t identify as transsexual but undergo genital surgery? WTF?

  7. Tony R… fewer than 10 percent of the one percent of faggots?

    I don’t know. I find faggot math and faggot English confusing.

  8. Fewer than 10 percent of the 1 percent of faggots? But…

    Ok, I can understand that math.

    Is there a faggot census?

    “Compared to what?” Dr Sowell

  9. I think it’s time to double down (like the commies always do), and not only NOT recognize mental illness as a legitimate “thing”, and while we’re at it, take back two perfectly good and useful words: gay and queer. They don’t own them! And I want a rainbow–the real, seven color rainbow–to once again be a reminder that God will never again wipe out humanity with a flood.

  10. Oh, 1 percent of transgenders! Those are different, somehow, from faggots? I think I worked out the math, at least as a problem with few numbers and mostly variables… a one, and a 10, and a whole bunch of Ls, Gs, Bs, and Ts, and LGBs as variables.

    Fuck this. I’m gonna have a beer.

  11. AA, I so agree.
    I’ve always loved rainbows, now if you display a rainbow people think you’re a homosexual.

  12. many polls show that the public is increasingly dismissive of the progressives’ unpopular demand that ordinary Americans pretend they cannot see the fundamental differences between the two complementary male-or-female sexes

    Stand firm, Judeo-Christians! Hold that color-blind line!

    Aaannnd! Conservatives declare another Moral(TM) war against Americans.

  13. I watch all the essential masculinity that comprises the show Yellowstone and then the commercials are all queer couples or trannie competitions. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

    The Paramount Network is sponsored by the sickest elements of our society.

    I DVR past that nasty shit but man they really support it.

  14. Insanity-driven agendas seem to be all the rage these days.
    The freaks just can’t get over the fact that straights want nothing to do with them.

  15. Kcir – Throw yourself in front of a train…

    Holy shit man! Most of those freaks will make the train take a dirt road!

  16. @Mark Webb January 1, 2022 at 5:25 am

    > Just bought a wood chipper…

    Wish I could afford another wood chipper. What with the plague, and all.

    Mine fell out of the canoe. In a “boating accident”. Don’t ask. No. Seriously. Don’t ask.

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