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I post this with no comment. Posting is not an endorsement, nor a refutation.

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  1. I want them to stfu and get out of my face.

  2. It’s all out in the open now:

    China Weaponizes Social Justice Warriors and Black Lives Matter In Covert War Against the U.S. Beijing wages all-out campaign to sow chaos and discord in the US.


    Antifa and BLM are Communist Chinese agents. For that matter, so are pelosi, harris and biden – to say nothing of obama.

  3. I lean so far hard right I’m about to fall over.

  4. I’m a centrist, not right or left. I think the Constitution should be followed.
    Also, nearly every dollar spent by the federal government, apart from defense spending and for structural activity (Judicial, Congress), is unconstitutional. Most of the laws and regulations are too.

  5. @Left Coast Dan

    You just defined “The EXTREME Right” as it is currently viewed.

  6. I lean toward-
    “Get off my lawn, out of my face, STFU, FOAD, God bless you and have a nice day”
    -hence the sobriquet.

  7. Will the last American left alive, please turn out the lights.

  8. Homosexuals (and perverts in general) should be REQUIRED to keep and bear arms to protect, not just their marijuana plants, but their harems of toddlers, as well.

    It’s only fair!

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I would like to be libertarian, but there are too many perversions that maybe don’t immediately and directly impact me, but over time and on a larger societal scale they erode moral decent civil society. For that reason I lean hard right.

  10. That aligns with libertarian, to my understanding.

  11. Too bad she did not use the .380 defense right between his legs.

  12. Gay men can shoot guns? Well, you learn something new everyday, doncha?

  13. ^^^^ “this is my rifle, this is my gun; this is for shooting, this is for fun” ^^^^

  14. Politically, the more Libertarian I lean, the more land I want and the more I support secession. I support everyone’s rights; I just don’t want to live close to most of the eejits exercising them.

  15. reminds me of the white pregnant 13 year old child bride who wants to divorce her 50 year old husband so she can gender abort her male child and become an aviator in the military after we pay for transition surgery to become a black male.

  16. I don’t lean. I stand tall. On the right. STFU whining.

  17. There’s a world of difference between something the govt forcefully prohibits and punishes as a crime, and something being vociferously condemned by society and its practitioners shunned.

  18. I lean toward stop advertising your favorite method for having sex!
    I don’t care!
    Your choices are between you and God!!!

  19. Please people, let gay people get married.

    Why should we be the only ones who are suffering? 😉

  20. @Mickey

    “Cock holster” I’m dying laughing!

  21. The more I hang around conservatives the more libertarian I feel and the more I hang around libertarians the more conservative I feel. I guess I am a conservataian.

  22. I’m left-brained and politically conservative. That’s how I stay upright.

  23. My ‘leanings:’

    One of the things I do really well these days is EAT.

    But I have to LEAN over to do it.

  24. I believe the difference between far left and far right isn’t a straight line. It’s a line that curves more the further you go.

    I’m so far right now that I’m able to see far left from my house.

  25. The John Birch Society thinks I’m too far right.

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