Learn To Tweet Like Alexandria Occasional-Cortex

At an estimated 1.38 twitter followers last month, New York’s 14th district U.S. House Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a social media phenomenon. Experts observing the 29-year-old’s struggles expressing profound thoughts online have formulated five principles that will have you tweeting like a addle-brained leftist in no time. Here

15 Comments on Learn To Tweet Like Alexandria Occasional-Cortex

  1. You know her intelligent sounding twits are fed to her. Wait until some prankster starts feeding her some really well camoflaged BS.

  2. She is not stupid or ignorant. She has been anointed politically to be allowed to gain power for the Communist controllers in Congress. Another controlled puppet-in-power just as Obama was. She will be given Communist media support the same way.

  3. old_oaks- Yep. That pic is real. As a matter of fact, she is rarely photoshopped (altered face/body) because she’s already photoshopped by nature. She’s spazzy and eyes are naturally opened large. (I think I read she has a thyroid condition. Or it was an excuse for it. lol)

  4. @tRuth stupid people are easily manipulated. she is easily manipulated which is why they chose her.

  5. like I mentioned the other night …. this time next year we’re going to bombarded w/ articles & tv news spots on ‘how much she’s grown’ & ‘how much she has learned’ & ‘how much she’s evolved’

    … bank on it

  6. Yes, manipulation is the key, but tRuth and ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ are EXACTLY right!
    The points they made are what makes her so dangerous. Even scarier, there are millions just like her, thanks to our Marxist public education system.

  7. Nope – not gonna Tweeter, ever! Don’t wanna be a twit, like Occasional-Cortex (but that story IS funny 😉 )!


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