Leave it to feminist women to not understand what Miss America was

(*Title updated because the first commenter, Richard P, was absolutely right.)

Led by Retchen’ Carlson, an all-woman steering committee has decided that Miss America will ditch the swimsuit and evening gown portions of the competition, disregard the contestant’s appearance, and focus solely on their… (snicker) intellect.

So this is basically a televised college admissions interview?

I’ll pass.

So will just about everyone. The SJWs have killed the franchise.

Let me clue these bints in on how the Miss America pageant worked-

Women would trot out in their evening gowns and everyone would judge them on their face.

Then they would come out in their swimsuits and everyone would judge them on their legs, tits and a$$.

The viewer would do a little rudimentary calculus and come up with the girl who had the best aggregate face and body.

Then they’d hope and pray their pick would survive the question portion without sounding too much like a retard. You could actually feel the tension in the room because everyone has seen a title go up in smoke when a question had polysyllabic words in it.

Now Miss America is going to be chosen BECAUSE of their half-assed pseudo-intellectual mumbo jumbo and they will represent the country based on that.

And they say Trump is an embarrassment.



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  1. They’re trying to have a rosie o’donnell SJW type win for a change. A bitchy round … thing on psych meds. lol

  2. Trannies comin your way. “Non-Binary Pronoun America”

    Is there such a thing as college entrance exams anymore?

    I do like the question and answer when they try to talk like they have a clue. Makes for some good highlight clips. And there is always some poor schlubb that says something slightly conservative and she gets fried and parboiled.

  3. Well Mary Jane, that would explain why no swimsuit contest. Sometimes it’s next to impossible to hide the “bulge”, if you know what I mean.

  4. So there will never be another Miss Universe from America. If Europe follows suit then the title will be dominated by South America. Not that I follow it because I don’t, I mean, I’m not gay; just happily married so I just don’t have the time.

    Although, with our new guidelines I may tune in to the Miss Universe to see how the Miss USA/ Gene Garofalo or Lena Dunning type crash in a epic ball of PC flames going up against Miss Columbia, Brazil, Mexico and just keep through darts at that Machismo part of the world. The only other country that would be more of a laughing stock would be miss Canada whose only attire will be in a head to toe hefty bag and she will not allowed to answer questions because there is some dude holding a mike in her veiled face.

    That is a best case- worst case we or Canada put of Miss Pajama Boy who self identities as a women. Pass the popcorn at that point.

  5. Maybe Carlson is now the first to say it as applies to our nation: ““We’re experiencing a cultural revolution.”

    Wow, where did we hear that phrase before?

  6. I’m surprised the man hating bull dykes haven’t cratered this pageant long ago. No wonder men are more attracted to bulldogs than modern women.

    Put them all in burqas for all I care.

  7. “…no longer judging physical appearance.”

    We’ve already got the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show… we don’t need another one.

  8. I have always been interested in the sociological, political and intellectual acumen of Miss America contestants. It was just that the answers were more interesting when they were wearing bikinis.

  9. Many of these young women are Christians. They will answer questions about homosexuality or LGTBQWERTY and not even make the top 10. Simply because they’re Christians. Might as well cancel the whole thing.

  10. It’s simple feminine envy. Attractiveness is something feminist can never achieve so they resort to ridicule and bring it all under some lofty BS notion of not ‘demeaning’ women.

  11. Today at lunch, Bert Parks heard the news and said, “After I left in 1979 I knew the whole damn thing would eventually go down the shitter.”

  12. “…no longer judging physical appearance.”
    Then it’s no longer Miss America, it’s Ms Feministia and I don’t want to watch that. It has as much appeal for me as a Ms Xhe contest of pre and post op trannies. I don’t want that. I don’t want a lesbian either because part of the fun was imagining Miss Arkansas was your GF (or it was when I was 15 and I imadgine it still is with many males) so the out and proud lesbians can’t compete either.
    This was a beauty contest for men, and so should only have heterosexual men as judges, steering committee, and decision making. There is no place for the entire spectrum of the mentally handicapped.
    Thanks for cratering another institution, now GTFO.
    Time to nuke the franchise and relaunch it as it was in 1957!

  13. 1979 was so long ago. I’m pretty sure almost everyone in that video, save for the youngest past contestants, is dead by now.

  14. Atlantic City is known as “Detroit By the Sea” so it’s a natural that the Miss America Pageant would turn into a SJW/Diversity Contest.

    How many Moslem women will now participate in hijabs and burkas?


    Trust me on this. 🙁

  15. Fine, go for it. Get it all out of your system. We’re going to let this run it’s course. Then after it falls on it’s ass and goes under. Mr. Trump can buy it at rock bottom fire sale prices and bring it back and make it Great Again
    The stupid, I, it hurts…
    Miss America is a business model that makes money by selling Advertising space during its program on Television. The success of the whole endeavor is judged by Ratings.
    Start giving tattooed, pierced, unpleasant looking militants for the cause of the moment a national bullhorn to bash Mr. Trump and America itself (because THAT is the real agenda) your ratings are going to auger into the ground like Jim Carey’s career.
    That won’t get any eyeballs to see how great the Chevy Silverado is this year

  16. OK. When I was a kid my Mom and I would watch Miss America and loved trying to determine who had the best smile, prettiest gown, a “cute” figure and we’d always root for the girl with short hair because we had short hair and it was a bold choice for a Miss America contestant.

    We’d go to the kitchen for chips and a Pepsi during the “I’m smart,”segment.

  17. The proggies have “Venezuela’d
    the NFL, the Boyscouts and now
    Miss America. Everything they touch
    turns to shit.

  18. O.k., I’m rooting for Triggly Puff now. And no, I don’t ever want to see her in a bikini.

  19. If lady parts don’t matter, I expect demand 50% male contestants.

    If it’s going to be driven into the ground. Let’s make a bunker buster out of it. Give `em what they want. Good and hard.

    All they have to do is identify as a Missy. Sue `em if they don’t let `em in.

    Who says Miss America can’t be a man?

    You cis-sexist pig.

    Sometimes the winning strategy in a tug-of-war is to suddenly stop pulling to get them off their feet. Then you can jerk it back with ease and drag them to your side.

  20. Lucky for ‘Retchen Carlson “intellect” was not a criteria back in 1958 when she was competing.

  21. Proof of another undeniable truth… liberalism by design destroys everything it touches. We don’t need to abolish swimsuit competitions and cheerleading, it is liberalism that needs to go and stop catering to the fringe lunatics. Tell them where to go.

  22. “So this is basically a televised college admissions interview?”

    Rumor has it that it will be a call in radio show format next year,

  23. It’s called eliminating the competition. Gretchen Carlson will never have to worry about being replaced on TV by a younger, prettier Ms. America contestant.

  24. Even better the interview replacement will no doubt be a PC liberal wet dream used to lecture anyone stupid enough to watch on global warming, anti-fracking, gay rights over (Christianity) religion, recycling, repealing the 2nd amendment, how everything is a human right (unless a Dem decides to tax it).

  25. Granma was a flapper & Granpa made the bath tub gin….they both liked to see the swimsuit edition of Miss America…

  26. Politically correcting an event where hot women are walking around in bikinis and stilettos is pure liberal evil.

  27. This will have a negative effect on the local state pageants. The ladies’ goal is to proudly represent their state in the Miss America pageant in swimwear and evening gowns. Who will give a shit now?

    If Carlson and her Feminazis would just T-H-I-N-K once in a while instead of knee-jerking-off their mouths, they would gain a little respect.

    Not. a. chance.

  28. Love it when the left go too far. Trannies, burkas, obese divas and others not physically attractive will never work as Miss America contestants.
    Give it a year and the sponsors representing the majority of American viewers will disappear, the ratings will be on life support and the winner will have no chance winning Miss Universe. The left never learn.

  29. Gretchen Carlson thinks she is much more talented and important than she is. I didn’t like her on Fox at all. She never seemed to move on from the Miss America pageant mentally. Like the Bruce Springsteen song, “Glory Days”.

    Well, they just killed viewership.
    Say goodbye to that broadcast.

  30. Thanks for the hat tip, Big Fur Hat. I will add that I have many female freinds who like the pageant. They look at hair styles, the dresses, the gowns and, yes, even the swim suits. And nearly all of use the Q&A section to go to the bathroom.


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