Lebanon Banking On The IMF To Bail Them Out


Talks between crisis-hit Lebanon and the International Monetary Fund are deadlocked, and leaders reluctant to enact reforms.

Without a vital multi-billion-dollar bailout, is Lebanon headed for “hell”? For months, the Mediterranean country has grappled with its worst economic crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war.

Tens of thousands have lost their jobs or part of their salaries, while a crippling dollar shortage has sparked rapid inflation.

After the country for the first time defaulted on its sovereign debt in March, the government pledged reforms and in May started talks with the IMF towards unlocking billions of dollars in aid. More

3 Comments on Lebanon Banking On The IMF To Bail Them Out

  1. Help us America, via IMF! We want to condemn you in public, but get on our knees in private.

    Well here’s a big F-U to you!!! 🖕 🖕

  2. Lebanon was a highly civilized and metropolitan country on the Mediterranian Sea with Christians, Moslems and Jews living peacefully. Then the PLO bastards snuck in with
    their buddies and started what was called “a civil war”.
    It was a war to kill or drive out everyone but the Moslem
    conquerers. To hell with the ruin they made for themselves there. Let it rot.

  3. Maybe Israel will make em a loan?

    The progenitors of Carthage now cowering with their begging bowl?
    Funny how the world turns. Chinks’ll probably help em out – they’re still in a position to make mischief.

    izlamo delenda est …


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