Lecturer Says All White People Are, and Always Will Be, Racist

Okay, then, the “problem” cannot be solved. Let’s move on,  rendering this giant tube of exploded biscuits irrelevant.

53 Comments on Lecturer Says All White People Are, and Always Will Be, Racist

  1. Hey pork chop, that statement is as racist as anything ever said. Wanna see some real racism? Go to Live Leak and watch two feral black women duke it out at the gas station. Every other word was nigger and mother f***er.

  2. I’m becoming racist! All of this would make me think twice before hiring a black person for my business – especially a black giant tube of exploded biscuits!

  3. Looks like that FAT Black lady need to be going to weight watchers instead of stirring up anti whitie CRAP…she is the poster child of RACIST in a very BIG BIG BIG ( no pun intended) way

  4. Boy the democrats really do want to keep losing elections. I wonder if this “woman” knows that 2/3s of Hispanics consider themselves “White”.

  5. Judgeroybean. Saw that video. They ripped each others clothes off and the women kicked the shit out of the men, and each other. Phucking sad display to tell the truth.

  6. @MoeTom, she’s lecturing to mostly white students; I think it was mostly older white women. She was nattering on about all white people were are racists and born to not be human and won’t ever be anything but not human and racist. A real biotch racist.

  7. I think she is over-represented at the doughnut stand.
    And she is mad at all the white people getting up early and buying all the chocolate frosted on their way to work while she is still hours from rising

  8. Slick move left. Find a racist black woman who is a morbidly obese bully to intimidated masochistic white progressives. Perfect warped match.

  9. Saw this at instapundit the link is huff poop.

    RACISTS SHOULDN’T DO DNA: I Celebrated Black History Month… By Finding Out I Was White. “I found out I was White. Not just 13% White, my husband’s percentage when he too completed the ancestry composition report. Not just 25% White, since the average amount of DNA in an African American’s genome traced back to West Africa is about 75%. I was damn near 1/3 White. That’s significant. . . . It can remain a theory for the rest of my family, but as someone who has become a Black millennial marketing expert… this s*** matters. It’s as if I’ve obscured the one thing which has guided me since I was nine years old… my heritage. Even back then I believed in Black power, creating drawings in art class titled “A Strong Black Nation”, featuring black construction paper hands reaching for the sky. Along with being a millennial and being a woman, being Black enlivens me. I’m personally and professionally compelled to clarify misconceptions and elevate all three of my squads. As inappropriate (but honest) as it sounds, I’d discovered I had the so-called ‘superior’ race running through my veins, and never before had I felt so inferior. Then, in a startling and unexpected twist, shame surfaced.”

  10. Gee it’s too bad there isn’t a country with majority black people she could move to.
    I mean this country is majority white. Back in the day she would have never made a stupid
    statement like this.
    The country is apparently full of pussies now.

  11. Oh, honey. Who told you to wear a CLINGY dress with that body?
    Judging by the way you talk and think however, I’m not surprised. No brains in there anywhere. Just hate and lots of food.

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